John Travolta Marks 70th Birthday with Touching Instagram Tribute

Travolta's 70th Birthday Brings Heartfelt Moments to Light.

by Nouman Rasool
John Travolta Marks 70th Birthday with Touching Instagram Tribute
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John Travolta is well known in the film industry, with his presence in many classical movies, and recently he has turned 70 years old. Travolta's birthday was all about celebrations to remember life and legacy with the warmth and love he was surrounded by, with his family including his daughter Ella and their precious pet dog Peanut.

John Travolta's doting daughter, Ella Travolta, shared a heartfelt post dedicated to her father on the special day with an Instagram post. Accompanying the emotional shot, through which Ella had captured a fragment of their tenderness and warmth, the girl had stated her feelings of love and appreciation by saying, "Happy Birthday to the man who is always by my side and always brings light and beauty to this world."

Travolta's Birthday Highlights

Travolta's Instagram page turned out to be a window to his birthday with posts and stories that revealed charming snapshots of the day.

And his followers had a treat with the cute videos of his son Ben on skis and the sheer joy of blowing out birthday cake candles. Making the celebrations even sweeter was the loving "birthday kiss" from Peanut, which gave a family warmth to the event.

Among the well-wishers in the course of his birthday, Jamie Lee Curtis, who co-starred with Travolta in the film "Perfect," was among those who took to social media to express their well wishes. Her post commemorated how great friendship they have had and devoted themselves to their professions and families through all the years and stressed how hard he has been working to make relationships during his splendid career.

In his early years, through his breakout roles of the 1970s, and continuing into this new decade, Travolta's career continues to shine and inspire. From his breakout roles of the 1970s through "That's Amore!" with Katherine Heigl, his influence in Hollywood shines on stronger than ever.

Travolta's perspective on aging was simply a reflection of his energetic personality: He turned 70 but remained a young man at heart, having persuaded himself that age is a state of mind. "I'm forever 21," he once said—good remark on his perpetual young-spiritedness and the impression he made on film.

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