Expert Predicts Prince Harry's Top Priority as World Leader

Exploring the Astrological Insights of the Royal Family's Future.

by Nouman Rasool
Expert Predicts Prince Harry's Top Priority as World Leader
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"Celebrity astrologer" Russell Grant gave an interesting analysis of the leadership style that can be adopted by Prince Harry as the Duke of Sussex could make a "wonderful leader" who is "blessed" with the abilities to take a "knack" at considering "equality and justice" in his pursuits.

This view comes amidst what could have been talks if Prince Harry chose another way than the route to retire as a senior working member of the Royal Family. The invited guest for the interview, celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman, is to speak about the astrological sign of the prince as one of the sources drawing conclusions on his potential as a leader.

Speaking for Slingo, Honigman said that with Prince Harry having the Virgo sign, he would make a good organizer who wouldn't hog the limelight when things are going well "A ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, which endows them with idealistic negotiating and dialoguing skills that is key to effective leadership," Honigman explains.

She definitely points out that Virgos are known to be fair and that equality and justice would be top on their lists as paramount, presumably, in the leader of the world.

Meghan Markle's Leo Leadership

From her insights on royal astrology, Honigman further goes on to bring to the fore the case of Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, as one naturally inclined towards leadership, something that is owed to the sign of Leo.

"Leos are ruled by the Lion - the King of the Jungle and, thus, they are inclined towards rulership. They are never afraid to make the tough calls and are highly moral," she adds. Also, the astrologer has pointed out that the challenges likely to be met by the next king in the persons of Prince William are that it involves a lot of interactions with people, not all of which will be positive.

By comparison, King Charles' attitude to the monarchy, especially since his accession to the throne, could not have been more different. The inclination was towards a leaner monarchy at significant royal events, ranging from his Coronation to his Trooping the Colour.

Such a change from past traditions was markedly exhibited in the fewer numbers of senior royals attending such events—most conspicuously during the iconical balcony appearances. This unique astrological perspective enables the reader to peek into the various styles of leadership the members of the Royal Family can have, and in doing so, it emphasizes the diverse personalities and potential present in this powerful family.

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