Biden Slams Trump for Bottom Rank in Presidential Survey

Survey Results Reveal Surprising Presidential Rankings

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden Slams Trump for Bottom Rank in Presidential Survey
© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In a recent development that's generating significant buzz across the political landscape, President Biden's reelection campaign launched a scathing critique of former President Donald Trump, highlighting his position as the least favoured in a prestigious presidential survey.

This survey, known as the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey, places Trump at the very end of the presidential rankings, drawing attention from political enthusiasts and the general public alike. The survey, conducted between November 15 and December 31, involved a panel of experts in American presidential history.

It reveals that Trump, who is poised to be Biden’s main opponent in the upcoming November elections, has been rated below all his predecessors, landing at the bottom of the list. In contrast, President Biden achieved a notable ranking, coming in as the 14th-best president, which adds a layer of intrigue to their potential electoral showdown.

Biden's campaign, seizing the moment, issued a statement titled “Happy Presidents’ Day! … Unless You’re Donald Trump,” pulling no punches in its critique of Trump's tenure. Kevin Munoz, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, minced no words in expressing their viewpoint.

“It takes a lot to be known as the absolute worst in your profession in the history of your country. But Donald Trump managed to do it, and it’s pretty clear why. Donald Trump spent his four years in office working for one thing only: himself,” Munoz stated emphatically.

Biden vs. Trump: Stark Contrast

The campaign highlighted Trump's ranking as even lower than that of President James Buchanan, often criticized for leading the U.S. toward the Civil War, and President Herbert Hoover, who presided over the onset of the Great Depression.

This comparison underscores the campaign’s argument about Trump's unfavorable position in American presidential history. Munoz further elaborated on the stark contrast between Biden and Trump, emphasizing Biden's commitment to the American populace.

“President Biden wakes up every day fighting for the American people, helping to create more jobs in three years than any president has created in four, and investing in America at record levels,” he said. He pointed out the distinct choice facing voters in November: a president dedicated to delivering for the American people versus Trump, who, according to the experts, might be the worst in U.S.

history. The survey, which also crowned Abraham Lincoln as America's greatest president, placed Biden ahead of notable figures such as Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Ulysses S. Grant. It's worth noting that former President Obama ascended to the 7th spot, climbing eight positions since the last poll.

This reshuffling in the rankings is sure to add an interesting dimension to the political discourse as the nation gears up for the upcoming presidential election.