Adam Sandler's Controversial People's Choice Awards Speech

Sandler Delivers Unforgettable Speech at Awards Ceremony.

by Nouman Rasool
Adam Sandler's Controversial People's Choice Awards Speech
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Beloved comedian, actor, and writer Adam Sandler had wagging tongues during his speech, receiving the People's Icon Award at the just-concluded People's Choice Awards. Sandler is a unique blend of humor and brings to the stage his special flair for the same thing; he has left tongues wagging about the stand-up in the audience and in the media.

During the event on Sunday, Sandler was presented with the honor by his "Murder Mystery" co-star Jennifer Aniston, who delivered a heartwarming tribute to him. But the 57-year-old star joked to the crowd that he misunderstood at first - he thought he was being given People's S--iest Man Alive.

Unprepared for the Icon award, Sandler went on to deliver the speech that he'd written for the other award.

Sandler's Risqué Humor

As is characteristic of Sandler, this speech too was a mix of self-deprecation and brash humor.

He thanked "People Magazine’s Academy of Hotness and S--ual Attractiveness," saying that he had made the nation “the horniest this year” and he himself was the prime topic of bedroom conversation. He even entertained the crowd for an extra second as he admitted that he had been dying for the honor before plopping himself down on the "s--y bench with legs wide open" in a sarcastic manner.

The "50 First Dates" actor did not stop there. The comedian joked that the trophy was a testament to "romantic gymnastics" with his "fine as hell wife," Jackie Sandler, glimpsed in the laughing crowd. Furthermore, the actor joked with levity about his casual attire and even got into the risqué area of making jokes with a "Pinocchio scale." Concluding his speech, Sandler gave some tongue-in-cheek advice to the ugly folk in the audience to "embrace chubbiness, lean into goofiness," and hang out with his friends David Spade and Rob Schneider, as a means to look better.

The speech was met with mixed reactions from all and sundry on social media platforms, largely X (formerly Twitter), with users expressing mixed opinions of Sandler's rather bizarre manner of delivering his winning speech.

Adam Sandler will join past recipients of the People's Icon Award, including Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, and Ryan Reynolds, in confirming the star's timeless appeal with fans around the world.

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