Putin Ally Threatens Nuclear Response on U.S Capital if Ukraine Triumphs

Escalating Tensions Amidst Russia-Ukraine Conflict Intensify

by Zain ul Abedin
Putin Ally Threatens Nuclear Response on U.S Capital if Ukraine Triumphs
© Carl Court/Getty Images

In a recent and startling declaration, Dmitry Medvedev, a prominent figure within Russian political circles and a known associate of President Vladimir Putin, has issued a dire warning involving the potential use of nuclear force against the United States.

This ominous threat emerges amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, raising international concerns about the escalation of hostilities. Medvedev, currently serving as the deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, made these remarks in a post on the messaging platform Telegram this past Sunday.

He emphatically stated that Moscow would not hesitate to deploy its nuclear arsenal if Russia were to face defeat in Ukraine due to the combined efforts of Ukraine and its Western allies. In his post, which was translated and shared on X (previously known as Twitter) by Anton Gerashchenko, a former advisor to Ukraine's Department of Internal Affairs, Medvedev painted a grim picture of what he perceives as the catastrophic implications of a Russian defeat.

He speculated on a scenario where Russia is forced back to its 1991 borders, akin to the post-Cold War era following the Soviet Union's dissolution. Medvedev described such an outcome as a catastrophic collapse for Russia, potentially resulting in millions of casualties and the obliteration of Russia's future.

Medvedev's Nuclear Warning

Further intensifying his rhetoric, Medvedev warned that any attempt to diminish Russia's territorial integrity to its pre-1991 state would lead to a devastating global conflict, involving the full might of Russia's strategic military capabilities.

He explicitly mentioned several prominent Western and European cities, including Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington, D.C., as potential targets of Russia's nuclear triad. In a concluding remark that underlined the gravity of his message, Medvedev questioned whether Russia would resort to such extreme measures should its very existence and the sacrifices of its people through the ages be threatened.

He implied that the answer was unequivocally affirmative. This threat comes nearly two years after Russia initiated its military incursion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Since the onset of the invasion, both Putin and other high-ranking Russian officials have intermittently brandished the nuclear card, targeting not just Ukraine but also NATO member states.

With the world's largest nuclear arsenal at its disposal, Russia's threats carry substantial weight. According to the Federation of American Scientists, Russia has 5,889 nuclear warheads, slightly outnumbering the United States' arsenal of 5,244 warheads.

Together, these two nations hold a staggering 89 percent of the world's total nuclear weapons, a fact that underscores the severity of Medvedev's recent pronouncements and the potential global repercussions of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.