Trump's Asset Liquidation Predicted by Michael Cohen

Cohen's Insight into Trump's Escalating Financial Woes Unveiled

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's Asset Liquidation Predicted by Michael Cohen
© John Lamparski/Getty Images

Michael Cohen, formerly the personal attorney for Donald Trump, has made a striking prediction regarding Trump's financial future. Amidst ongoing legal challenges, Cohen suggests that the former president might be compelled to liquidate his assets to meet substantial financial penalties.

This forecast follows a recent decision by the judge in Trump’s New York civil fraud trial, which resulted in a hefty $355 million penalty against Trump. Cohen discussed these developments with MSNBC host Ali Velshi, emphasizing the magnitude of Trump's financial obligations.

Cohen highlighted the severity of the situation, noting, "There is now a judgment against him for over $500 million, not including the $88.6 million he owes to E. Jean Carroll. It’s an enormous amount of money that he does not have." This statement underscores the gravity of Trump's financial predicament.

Cohen Forecasts Trump's Crunch

The New York Times has reported that with interest, the amount Trump owes could exceed $400 million. Friday's report from the Times indicated that the penalty, coupled with interest, threatens to deplete Trump's cash reserves entirely.

This aligns with Cohen's assessment, who was once referred to as Trump's "fixer." Additionally, a separate trial last month in New York resulted in Trump being ordered to pay $83.3 million to columnist E. Jean Carroll for defamation.

Cohen, speaking candidly, expressed skepticism about Trump's ability to cover these massive sums, stating, "Unless [Trump] shows his bank account has more than half a million, he doesn’t have $400 million of cash on hand." Cohen's blunt conclusion: "He doesn’t have it.

They’re going to have to start liquidating assets," paints a stark picture of Trump's financial challenges. Trump, however, remains defiant, vowing to appeal the ruling and expressing confidence in his eventual success.

The full interview with Cohen, which sheds more light on these developments, is available for viewing on YouTube. This unfolding story continues to capture attention, as it marks a significant chapter in the post-presidential life of Donald Trump, a figure who remains a focal point in American political and financial discourse.