Trump Faces Boos Promoting $399 Sneakers Amid $355M Court Ruling

Former President Trump embroiled in new legal turmoil

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Faces Boos Promoting $399 Sneakers Amid $355M Court Ruling
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump, amidst a flurry of legal challenges, recently found himself in the spotlight for an unusual reason: promoting a line of high-priced sneakers. This event unfolded at the Sneaker Con at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Pennsylvania, where Trump, at 77, unveiled three different pairs of shoes.

His appearance was met with a mix of reactions, including boos from the crowd, underscoring the divisive nature of his public persona. Trump, known for his entrepreneurial ventures, expressed his long-standing interest in the sneaker market.

"I’ve wanted to do this for a long time," he stated, highlighting his team's efforts in bringing this project to fruition. The shoes, including the "T-Red Wave" and "POTUS 45," priced at $199, and the sold-out "Never Surrender High Top Sneaker" at $399, feature distinctive designs with the letter "T" and the number 45, symbolizing his tenure as the 45th president.

These sneakers, not directly linked to Trump's presidential campaign or the Trump Organization, are marketed by CIC Ventures LLC, which licensed Trump's name, image, and likeness. The purchase of these sneakers comes with added perks like extra laces and a Trump-themed "superhero charm."

Trump's Legal Setback

This promotional event, however, coincided with a significant legal setback for Trump.

A day prior, he was ordered to pay a hefty $354.9 million in penalties following a civil fraud trial. A 92-page ruling, delivered by Judge Arthur Engoron, not only imposed a financial burden but also barred Trump from holding officer or director positions in New York corporations or entities for three years.

Furthermore, it restricted his access to loans from New York-chartered financial institutions for the same duration. The trial concluded Trump's fraudulent activities in building his real estate empire, adding to the string of legal issues he has faced since leaving office in 2021.

Notably, this includes an order to pay $83.3 million in damages to former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll for defamation. Despite these legal entanglements, Trump remains a prominent figure in the political arena. As he gears up for a potential run in the 2025 presidential election, he continues to hold significant sway among Republican voters, seemingly undeterred by the controversies and challenges that have marked his post-presidential years.