James Norton Joins Raya Post Split from Imogen Poots

Star-Studded Romance Ends in Quiet Separation

by Zain ul Abedin
James Norton Joins Raya Post Split from Imogen Poots
© John Phillips/Getty Images

Celebrated British actor James Norton, renowned for his role in the acclaimed series "Happy Valley," has reportedly taken a significant step in his personal life by joining the exclusive dating app Raya. This move comes after the surprising announcement of his breakup with former fiancée, actress Imogen Poots.

The 38-year-old actor and Poots, 34, parted ways before Christmas last year, marking the end of a six-year relationship. Sources revealed that the decision to separate was mutual, stemming from the couple's realization that they had grown apart over time.

Raya, known as a private membership community and a hub for networking and social discovery, has become a go-to platform for celebrities seeking romance or professional connections. Launched in 2015, the app has an entry fee of £5.99 per month and requires applicants to have a substantial social media presence along with referrals from existing members.

Norton's profile on Raya is said to be filled with striking black-and-white photos, including a shirtless shot and a selection of John Prine's romantic 1999 track "In Spite Of Ourselves" as his theme song. The Sun reports that Norton's profile mentions his London base and his upbringing in York, coupled with several brooding photographs that highlight his photogenic features.

Diverging Paths Post-Split

The revelation of Norton's Raya profile aligns with emerging details about the former couple's discreet handling of their split. Despite their separation late last year, they opted to keep the breakup private.

Imogen, in particular, was keen on maintaining this confidentiality, a source told MailOnline. Poots, known for her free-spirited nature, has previously expressed her reluctance to settle down, citing a desire to continue traveling and exploring the world.

In contrast, Norton has been open about his aspirations for starting a family. In a 2021 interview with The Guardian, he mentioned his growing desire to become a father, influenced in part by his role in the 2020 film "Nowhere Special." The challenges of their demanding careers also played a role in their separation.

Norton has been busy filming the Bob Marley biopic "One Love," while Poots spent time in New Mexico working on the drama "Outer Range." A source told The Sun that their hectic schedules made it difficult for the couple to spend quality time together, leading to their eventual drift apart.

Norton and Poots began their romance in December 2017, after meeting during the play "Belleville" at the Donmar Warehouse. They moved in together in 2020 and got engaged in February 2022. However, Poots was noticeably absent from recent premieres of "One Love" and the couple have seemingly unfollowed each other on social media, further indicating their split.