Trump Sells $399 Branded Shoes at Sneaker Con Following $355M Ruling

Former President Trump ventures into fashion at Sneaker Con.

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Sells $399 Branded Shoes at Sneaker Con Following $355M Ruling
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a striking shift from traditional political engagements, former President Donald Trump, inching closer to the Republican presidential nomination, took center stage at "Sneaker Con," dubbed "The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth," to unveil his Trump-branded sneakers.

This remarkable appearance at the Philadelphia Convention Center sparked a mix of boos and cheers as Trump introduced his "Never Surrender High-Tops," priced at $399. These gold lame high-tops, adorned with an American flag detail, form part of a broader merchandise range on a new website that also features Trump's "Victory47" fragrances, symbolizing his potential return as the 47th U.S.

President. Simultaneously, Trump faces significant legal challenges. A New York judge recently ordered him to pay $355 million for financial statement misrepresentations, compounding his $83.3 million defamation penalty to writer E.

Jean Carroll. These fines suggest Trump's legal debts could surpass half a billion dollars, raising questions about his financial ability to comply.

Trump's Sneaker Con Debut

At Sneaker Con, the atmosphere was charged. Trump supporters, some in Trump-themed apparel, clashed with detractors, making it hard at times to hear Trump.

His appearance, interspersed with the scent of cannabis, highlighted his decade-long interest in such ventures. The diverse, youthful crowd reflects Trump's strategic shift to attract young, minority voters, particularly young Black men, in a potential rematch against President Biden.

This sneaker launch is Trump's latest in a series of commercial ventures since his 2022 campaign inception. The sneakers are sold through CIC Ventures LLC, linked to Trump's financial disclosures, and are marketed as a limited-edition, collector's item, embodying Trump's characteristic boldness.

Despite the legal controversies surrounding Trump, his supporters, like Jonathen Santiago and Danea Mitchell from Monroe County, remain enthusiastic. They, along with "cheer moms" from New Jersey, represent a steadfast segment of Trump's base, unfazed by his legal predicaments.

Biden-Harris 2024's communications director Michael Tyler wryly commented on Trump's venture, hinting at a diminished future in presidential politics for Trump.