Brad Pitt Elated with Ines de Ramon, Reignites His Spark

Exploring the Newfound Happiness in Hollywood's Elite Circle

by Zain ul Abedin
Brad Pitt Elated with Ines de Ramon, Reignites His Spark
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Hollywood's beloved star, Brad Pitt, renowned for his timeless charm and two-time Oscar-winning talent, is experiencing a new wave of happiness in his personal life, sources close to the actor reveal exclusively to PEOPLE.

At 60, Pitt's romance with 34-year-old jewelry executive, Ines de Ramon, has blossomed into something truly special, marking a significant milestone in both their lives. Recently, it was confirmed that the couple is now cohabiting in Pitt's California residence, a move described by insiders as a "natural progression" of their steadily growing bond.

"They found themselves spending ample time together at Brad's place; it was only logical for Ines to move in," the source elaborates. "Brad is over the moon and cherishes every moment with her. Their decision to live together was a seamless and expected transition." The couple, who first caught the public eye in November 2022, reportedly began their relationship several months prior.

This development in Pitt's life comes after his high-profile split from actress Angelina Jolie in 2016, following a decade-long relationship and a two-year marriage. Ines de Ramon, head of wholesale for Anita Ko Jewelry, herself emerged from a three-year marriage with actor Paul Wesley in 2022.

Brad's Joyful Chapter

Pitt's romantic endeavors since his divorce have been discreet and non-committal until now. "Post-divorce, Brad's been in the dating scene but never ventured into anything serious. With Ines, it's different; he's genuinely happy," shares the insider.

De Ramon, described as "kind, funny, and exceptionally special," has been instrumental in rekindling a joyous spark in Pitt's life. "Witnessing Brad's newfound happiness is heartwarming. He's a wonderful person, and seeing him this content is something he truly deserves," the source adds.

The couple's journey has been one of mutual discovery and growing affection, creating a narrative that resonates with both their personal and professional circles. As they navigate this new chapter together, their close-knit bond signifies a heartening blend of love, respect, and companionship.

At this time, representatives for both Pitt and de Ramon have yet to respond to PEOPLE's inquiries for comments. However, the couple's flourishing relationship speaks volumes, painting a picture of a brighter, more joyful chapter in the lives of both individuals.

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