Russell Crowe Discovers Decade Later: Both Legs Broken During 'Robin Hood' Shoot

Russell Crowe's Recent Health Revelation Unearths Past Ordeal.

by Nouman Rasool
Russell Crowe Discovers Decade Later: Both Legs Broken During 'Robin Hood' Shoot
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In a shocking reveal, Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe opened up about an injury he sustained a decade ago while shooting his 2010 action epic "Robin Hood." In a chat with People Magazine, Crowe, 59, told the amazing aftereffects of a stunt gone wrong, which he first thought a very minor setback on the set.

This scene was in the high-stakes part where Crowe, as the iconic outlaw, throws himself from a castle portcullis onto an unforgiving, uneven surface. Later reflecting on the moment, Crowe admitted that the stunt had been done without any preparation for its impact, given that it was rather obvious that the padding pad, which should have been buried below the ground, was not even there.

"I remember thinking, 'This is going to hurt,'" he recalled, as hundreds of extras and flaming arrows swirled with a backdrop of burn pots igniting the castle. He immediately felt "an electric shock" run through his body upon hitting the ground.

The pain, which was now acute, he soldiered through to the end of the month-long shoot, as basic mobility became a challenge. Crowe was pretty devoted to the role and the project itself: he never missed a day of the shooting and never once complained to anyone on the production team that he was in pain.

Decade-Later Injury Discovery

The true scale of his injuries was realized only ten years later, when persistent pains in his lower legs brought him to medical consultation. X-ray and MRI scans of the lower legs showed something startling.

"I was gobsmacked when he asked me when I'd broken my legs," Crowe said. The scans showed remnants of fractures in both shin-bones, harking back to the "Robin Hood" incident. Crowe's tenacity is manifested in his taking a one-year break after "Robin Hood," and before gracing the screens again as Jor-El in the "Man of Steel" of 2013.

He attributes the healing of his injuries to this break and the rigorous physical training necessary for the Superman saga. The New Zealand-born actor played the legendary Robin Hood in the stellar cast that included Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, and Max von Sydow, under the direction of Ridley Scott.

Land of Bad sees Crowe star in a leading role, which so far has been one of his illustrious ones after playing key roles in other movies. He shared the stage with Liam Hemsworth and Ricky Whittle in the action thriller movie, playing a U.S.

Air Force drone pilot. The movie opened in theaters on February 16. The Crowe revelation not only underlines the kind of danger often unseen when actors perform their own stunts but also a kind of grit and determination that defines much of his acclaimed career.

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