George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel for Cameo Prank

Santos escalates legal battle with hefty lawsuit demand.

by Nouman Rasool
George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel for Cameo Prank
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The tables have turned in a surprise case as George Santos, former New York Representative, is suing the acclaimed late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel. This is part of the discussions about the scope of humor and about what is protected by one's individual rights - a comedic segment that has just recently surfaced on Kimmel's show involving Cameo videos.

Santos, who had faced expulsion from Congress in December, had already begun to offer personalized messages through Cameo at a rate of $500 per video. Jumping to the chance at satire, Jimmy Kimmel's show created a segment called "Will Santos Say It? This December episode saw the show highlight Santos reading outrageous statements, with statements sourced from Cameo requests made under aliases.

One infamous request saw Santos allegedly congratulate a woman for cloning her dog, named Adolf. The lawsuit, which was first reported by the New York Post and later obtained by HuffPost, claims Kimmel took "deceptive tactics" to land at least 14 Cameo recordings.

Commenting for Santos, Robert Fantone said: "Comedy is great until you infringe on somebody's rights. Then you get sued." Such was in this lawsuit aimed at Kimmel's gaffes.

Santos Sues for $750K

Santos is asking for more than $750,000 in damages, claiming copyright infringement, fraud, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment.

That's a stark contrast to the "little more than $20,000" Santos had originally threatened to sue for when this legal brinksmanship began in December. Kimmel issued another video in response to those threats, comically downplaying the lawsuit.

Kimmel, on the other hand, laughed, maybe about the irony of a person whose name he is going to sue, being named "George Santos." "You know what's going to happen if I sue George Santos? It's going to be fabulous. It's going to be like a dream," he laughed.

The war continued on when Santos' lawyer issued a cease-and-desist order to Kimmel for all the YouTube clips to be pulled down from the attached social media sites. Santos started his service in office in January 2023, with a lot of revelations of lies in his curriculum vitae and exaggeration about himself.

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