Sir Ian McKellen, 84, Ends Year-Long Relationship with Oscar Conlon-Morrey, 30

Stage Stars' Whirlwind Romance Takes a Surprising Turn.

by Nouman Rasool
Sir Ian McKellen, 84, Ends Year-Long Relationship with Oscar Conlon-Morrey, 30
© Francois Durand/Getty Images

A well-known actor, Sir Ian McKellen, 84, has just broken up with his 30-year-old actor boyfriend, Oscar Conlon-Morrey. Their love story lasted for a year The celebrated thespian—famous for various iconic roles and an illustrious career—found love with Conlon-Morrey in rather dramatic surroundings: during a pantomime performance in December 2022.

Although the pair seemed joined at the hip both on and off stage, where they took a bow together in "Mother Goose" at London's Old Vic, sources close to McKellen confirmed the split. A close acquaintance of McKellen revealed to the media that the duo had decided to go their separate ways.

This is unexpected information for many, considering that McKellen, a titan of the East London arts scene, had not been in a relationship for almost two decades before he met Conlon-Morrey.

Theater Romance Blossoms

Their romance, blossoming amidst the bright lights of the theater, seemed a match made in artistic heaven.

Conlon-Morrey had also gone on to his social media to confess his love for McKellen, whom he regarded as "the love of my life." Rumors and speculations of the couple mulling over getting engaged had been doing the rounds on account of insights from close sources.

Yet another opinion on the type of relationship, a friend of McKellen espoused, enunciating a more independent streak for the actor. "Mckellen doesn't care to marry," his friend explained. "He enjoys touring with someone but cherishes his personal space back in East London.

He really is in and out of relationships passionately." Sir Ian McKellen is one of the most public influential and active people of the world of LGBTQ+. He came out in 1988, being open about sexuality and experience, in particular, it has been very meaningful and supportive to many.

Before, McKellen has been in a couple of serious relationships before which include one with Brian Taylor from 1964 to 1972 and Sean Mathias from 1978 to 1988. As a man who has proved to be extraordinary in the world of theatre and in his private life, Sir Ian McKellen will remain an inspirational personality on and off the stage.