Colton Underwood Opens Up About Fertility Challenges and Shame

Exploring New Paths: Colton Underwood's Unique Story Unfolds

by Zain ul Abedin
Colton Underwood Opens Up About Fertility Challenges and Shame
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Colton Underwood, a former star of "The Bachelor," is candidly sharing his journey through fertility challenges as he and his partner, Jordan Brown, eagerly embark on the path to parenthood. In a heartfelt interview with Parents magazine, dated Friday, February 16, Underwood, 32, opened up about the emotional toll and feelings of shame that accompanied his fertility struggles.

A former athlete, Underwood expressed how his ego was impacted by his inability to produce sperm, a revelation that was both surprising and difficult for him. Underwood, who publicly came out as gay in 2021, has been in a relationship with Brown since shortly before their announcement.

The couple, who tied the knot in May 2023, always shared a strong desire to become parents, a dream that played a significant role in Underwood's journey to accepting his identity. He spoke about the importance of this shared goal in their relationship, noting how it helped him navigate the challenges of coming out and envisioning a future as a gay man with a family.

The initial excitement of starting a family took a sobering turn when Underwood received his sperm analysis results. With only one barely active sperm in his sample, he faced the harsh reality of being technically infertile.

This discovery led him to realize the various factors that can affect sperm quality and motility, many of which he was unknowingly contributing to.

Daddyhood: Underwood's Journey

This personal experience has inspired Underwood to launch a new podcast, "Daddyhood," set to premiere on Wednesday, February 21.

The podcast, in collaboration with Family Equality, aims to explore the complex and often challenging aspects of parenthood, including surrogacy, egg donors, and adoption. Underwood hopes to offer a humanizing perspective on these topics, acknowledging the emotional weight they carry for many aspiring parents.

Before his journey on "The Bachelor," Underwood was known as an NFL player. He first appeared in the Bachelor franchise in 2018 on "The Bachelorette," later joining "Bachelor in Paradise" the same year. He became the lead in the 23rd season of "The Bachelor," where he formed a relationship with Cassie Randolph.

The couple dated post-show but eventually parted ways in May 2020. A year later, Underwood publicly came out on "Good Morning America," describing it as a pivotal moment in his life that led to self-acceptance and happiness.

Reflecting on his relationship with Brown, Underwood expressed his contentment and love in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. He highlighted the importance of his support system and the ongoing journey of self-discovery post-"Bachelor." As Underwood and Brown prepare for their wedding, Underwood's enthusiasm for fatherhood is unmistakable.

In a March 2022 interview with Us, he shared his deep-rooted desire to raise children, a dream he is now actively pursuing despite the challenges he faces.