Bill Maher Critiques Partisan Politics

Exploring Current Issues on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher.

by Nouman Rasool
Bill Maher Critiques Partisan Politics
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In the season premiere of "Real Time with Bill Maher," the veteran host pointed to the grim backdrop of modern political banter, as it got a sad, pointed start nine months out from the presidential election. Maher, the comic who calls the shots and doesn't pull his punches, had had enough of the bombast and the high-decibel repetition that most political narratives are dominated by.

Maher humorously criticized how this over-dramatization of issues, like the inflation of Mars Bar prices, could be used to underpin the absurdity that he says is in today's political rhetoric. But he gave a little bit of respect to the administration when he spoke of economic growth, more people owning homes, and better energy output.

But he had his doubts if the partisan approaches towards fighting such an ill would ever succeed. With a tinge of sarcasm, he pre-empted the kind of campaign debates that could unfold, stressing the predictability in political arguments from either side of the political divide.

Panel Tackles Gun Debate

"Another great panel discussion in the episode included Van Jones, political commentator on CNN and host of the podcast 'Uncommon Ground with Van Jones' and Ann Coulter, conservative commentator, and author.

Topics in the discussion ranged from gun rights to the Kansas City Super Bowl victory parade shooting. The survey, for instance, revealed the gap between public opinion on gun laws and actual state laws; Coulter suggested that public responses to survey questions may be far from profound and not reflective of thoughtful consideration.

The first guest for this episode, Dr. Jean Twenge, is a psychology professor from San Diego State University, the author of "Generations." Dr. Twenge has helped us understand technological change as an agent of change in society.

The reading habits of future generations will continue to wane in a market that is gradually declining. The readings of the future will be termed as "Polars" for the generation after Gen Z, reflecting political polarization and concern for the environment.

Maher's "Real Time" includes an editorial and panel discussions that run throughout the season, a tradition of the show that continues to provide an informative breakdown of the most complex political and social issues using humor and serious conversation, giving viewers perspectives on how America finds herself in today's world.