Jason Kelce Returns Luchador Mask to Teen Fan Post-Super Bowl Viral Moment

Eagles Star's Kind Gesture Touches Young Fan's Heart

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Kelce Returns Luchador Mask to Teen Fan Post-Super Bowl Viral Moment
© Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In a heartwarming turn of events that transcends team rivalries, Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce made headlines not just for his exuberant celebrations at Super Bowl LVIII, but also for a special interaction with a young fan.

The viral moments of Kelce donning a luchador mask, a symbol of his spirited festivities, originated from an unexpected source – a 14-year-old Chiefs fan from Texas named Elijah Smith. Elijah's encounter with Kelce was more than just a fleeting moment of shared jubilation.

"I gave him my mask, and he dropped it, and then picked it back up from the ground. I got a picture with him and kinda just hung out with him, next to him for five to ten minutes," Elijah recounted. This memorable exchange took place against the backdrop of the Chiefs' thrilling overtime victory, which Elijah witnessed alongside his family in Vegas.

However, the joy was tempered by a small regret. Elijah, a diehard Kansas City fan, had parted with his luchador mask – a talisman of sorts that he believed brought good luck to his team. "Last year, every time I put it on, I feel like we scored a touchdown or got a defensive stop," he explained, highlighting the mask's presence during pivotal moments in previous games.

Kelce's Mask Return

The story took a surprising turn when, on the New Heights podcast, the Kelce brothers discussed the viral moments, unaware of the mask's origin or its significance to Elijah. "He also said on his podcast after he picked up the mask, it kinda just gave him a lot more energy and made the night for him, so I thought that was amazing," Elijah shared, revealing how the mask had energized Kelce as well.

The saga culminated in a touching gesture from the Eagles' center. On Friday morning, Kelce announced his intention to return the mask to its rightful owner. Sarah Smith, Elijah's mother, expressed their excitement and gratitude, saying, "He does have the mask and so it's pretty exciting that it's in the works to get it returned." Elijah's reaction was one of pure joy.

"I'm so happy with the fact that Jason Kelce was wearing my mask and celebrating in it. I thought that was really cool." This story transcends the typical boundaries of sports rivalries, showcasing a moment of genuine human connection.

Sarah Smith praised Kelce's character, saying, "Just from the contact we had today, you can tell he just has a big old heart." Elijah echoed this sentiment, adding, "You [Philadelphia fans] have a great guy in Jason. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met!"

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