Snoop Dogg's Heartfelt Tribute to Late Brother Bing

Tragic Loss in the Music and Business World

by Zain ul Abedin
Snoop Dogg's Heartfelt Tribute to Late Brother Bing
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The music industry is mourning the loss of Bing Worthington, the younger brother of iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, who passed away at the age of 44. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., shared this heartrending news through a series of touching Instagram tributes on Friday.

In a poignant post, Snoop Dogg displayed a photo of himself, Bing, and their nephew, Rollin Carter, all sharing a moment of joy. Accompanying the image were simple yet emotive emojis, underscoring the depth of his grief. Another post featured a video capturing a family gathering in a cemetery, including their older brother Jerry Wesley Carter.

This intimate moment was captioned with a heartfelt message from Snoop, reflecting on Bing's ability to bring laughter and joy to their lives. The loss of Bing comes after their mother, Beverly Tate, passed away in October 2021 at 70.

One of the shared images poignantly depicted Bing presenting a birthday cake to their mother, a testament to the close-knit nature of their family. Snoop, 52, also shared a family photo full of smiles and laughter, along with another picture of him and Bing, radiating brotherly love.

Snoop Dogg's final tribute was a moving farewell, expressing his longing for a reunion in the afterlife. The cause of Bing Worthington's death remains undisclosed. However, Sgt. Frank Gonzalez of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California confirmed to NBC News that a toxicology and autopsy report would be conducted.

Bing's Diverse Contributions

Bing Worthington shared a profound bond with his brother Snoop, contributing significantly to his businesses and creative ventures. In a 2016 interview with Vice, Bing discussed his journey within his brother's empire, emphasizing the hard work and dedication that led him to his position, challenging the notion of nepotism.

His contributions to the music industry were multifaceted. Not only did he aid in launching Snoop Dogg's skateboard brand in 2005, but he was also integrally involved in Snoop's artistic endeavours. Bing was credited as an executive producer on the 2003 documentary, "Bigg Snoop Dogg: Raw ‘N Uncut Vol.

1," and played a crucial role in merging Dogg Records with Canadian hip-hop label Urban Heat Legends. Bing's musical journey included the release of an album titled "Liquid Cocaine" with his group, Lifestyle. In his interview with Vice, he spoke candidly about his evolution from a musician to a business-minded individual, expressing his passion for the entrepreneurial and networking aspects of the industry.

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