Austin North of 'Outer Banks' Addresses Vegas Hospital Arrest

Austin North's Recent Hospital Incident Raises Concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Austin North of 'Outer Banks' Addresses Vegas Hospital Arrest
© Mindy Small/Getty Images

"Outer Banks" 27-year-old actor Austin North made a public statement concerning his arrest last week at a Las Vegas hospital. He vented on Instagram on February 15 with a photo dated February 13 of the incident with the scuffle with University Medical Center healthcare workers.

North was subdued by police after he went on to assault hospital employees, according to an arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department obtained by NBC News. In his statement, North said he underwent a very strong panic attack, so strong that made him lose his memory about the event.

He repeated that the test for drugs and the test for alcohol were done at the time he was taken to the hospital, and both were negative.

North's Deep Regret

North expressed deep regret about the incident, saying that the situation had developed from a mistaken belief that he was having a heart attack, which led a friend to drive him to the hospital.

He emphasized his deep regard for the health workers as well as the hospital staff, acknowledging the pivotal role the members played towards the community's health. Details outlined in the police report allege that the incident involved North in physical confrontations with more than one healthcare professional, including a phlebotomist and other staff.

The confrontation escalated to North allegedly punching and shoving staff before being restrained. Public Relations Director for University Medical Center, Scott Kerbs, said he could not comment, in that he was not at liberty to discuss specifics about patients, but he assured that the hospital works to assure the security of all of its employees and those that seek medical care at the facility.

North now faces three counts of battery on a protected person. He was released on a bond, and his arrest photograph showed visible injuries. He is due in court on March 19. North disclosed his ongoing battle with anxiety, stating that the incident at the hospital represented the most extreme manifestation of this struggle.

He expressed a desire to use his experience to highlight the challenges of anxiety disorders and provide support to others facing similar struggles.