Austin Butler Opens Up About Girlfriend Kaia Gerber

Exploring Celebrity Dynamics in the Spotlight

by Zain ul Abedin
Austin Butler Opens Up About Girlfriend Kaia Gerber
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Austin Butler, the acclaimed "Elvis" star, recently opened up about his admiration for girlfriend Kaia Gerber's stunning appearance on the March cover of British Vogue. This marks one of the few instances where Butler has publicly commented on their relationship, adding a touch of rarity to the insights he shared.

At 32, Butler expressed his awe at 22-year-old Gerber's achievement during his appearance at the London premiere of "Dune: Part Two." He described the cover as "legendary" and "amazing," noting his excitement and pride in seeing Gerber among 40 other influential women gracing the magazine.

"I loved getting to see that. What an exciting cover. I loved it," he told Entertainment Tonight.

Gerber Values Privacy

Butler and Gerber's relationship, spanning over two years, has often shied away from the public eye. Despite making joint appearances at red-carpet events and enjoying romantic getaways, they've maintained a level of privacy that's rare in celebrity relationships.

Gerber, a successful model and the daughter of iconic Cindy Crawford and Ryan Gerber, has been previously linked to notable figures like Jacob Elordi and Pete Davidson. She emphasized the importance of keeping her personal life private in a recent interview with WSJ.

Magazine, published on February 13. "Honestly, I feel like so few things in my life are private, and that is one of the things that I try to keep as sacred as possible," she expressed. Gerber's stance on privacy is not new. Back in 2020, she shared similar sentiments with i-D, stressing the importance of focusing on the feelings within the relationship rather than the noise from the outside world.

"You have to silence the outside world. The only people who know anything about anything are the people in the relationship. The public is very loud, so you have to make your own feelings even louder," she stated. Meanwhile, Butler, who previously shared a nearly nine-year relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, shares Gerber's preference for privacy.

However, their infrequent public appearances have not stopped fans from admiring their relationship. From their first meeting to their latest outings, the couple's journey has been a blend of discretion and affection, captivating the interest of their followers while maintaining the sanctity of their private life.

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