Usher Gifts Ex-Wife Tameka Foster VIP Super Bowl 2024 Tickets

Tameka Foster opens up about life, love, and fame

by Zain ul Abedin
Usher Gifts Ex-Wife Tameka Foster VIP Super Bowl 2024 Tickets
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In a striking display of amicable ex-partnership, Usher, the acclaimed R&B sensation, recently extended a grand gesture to his former wife, Tameka Foster, by inviting her to the Super Bowl 2024 with VIP access. This move came shortly after Usher's Las Vegas wedding to Jennifer Goicoechea, his long-time girlfriend, blending the realms of his past and present relationships.

Speaking to Page Six, Foster humorously highlighted the unique advantages of her former marital status, "One of the perks of having Usher as an ex is going to the Super Bowl. It's facts." Her presence at the event underlined her high standards in relationships.

"I'm not dating anybody that can't take me to the Super Bowl," she quipped, illustrating her expectations. Usher's Super Bowl halftime performance, featuring stars like Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and H.E.R., was not just a musical triumph but also a testament to his enduring popularity, marking it as the most-watched NFL game ever.

Foster, who shares two children with Usher and was married to him from 2007 to 2009, expressed her enthusiasm, "The Super Bowl was great... The halftime show, of course, was amazing."

Foster on Post-Usher Life

Foster is set to appear on WE tv's reality series "Bold & Bougie," offering an insight into her life post-Usher.

The series also stars personalities like Malaysia Pargo and Crystal Smith. Reflecting on her past with Usher, Foster highlighted the joys of their shared parenthood, "The best part is that we have amazing children... with spunky personalities." However, she also touched on the challenges, particularly with public perception and the conversations that overshadow her current endeavors.

Foster's support for Usher's new relationship was clear, "Love is love — as long as he finds love." She also candidly discussed the backlash she faced during their marriage, often influenced by her skin color. "I was not loved for that," she stated, emphasizing the need to change the narrative around black love and relationships.

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