T.J. Holmes Shares the Moment He Realized His Love for Amy Robach

Former GMA3 anchors navigate personal changes, reveal relationship

by Zain ul Abedin
T.J. Holmes Shares the Moment He Realized His Love for Amy Robach
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In a heartfelt reflection on their journey, former GMA3 anchor T.J. Holmes divulged the poignant moment he realized his love for co-host Amy Robach, remarking, "Loved you for a long time." The revelation came during an episode of their joint podcast, 'Amy and T.J.'

, where Holmes nostalgically recounted the evolution of their relationship, which initially blossomed from professional camaraderie to a deep, personal connection. The duo's dynamic took a romantic turn in early 2022, according to Holmes, nearly two years after they began co-anchoring.

"It was early 2022, we didn't start talking about it until much later," Holmes, 46, said. He pinpointed the burgeoning of his feelings for Robach, 51, to the spring of that year, noting, "Certainly summer, but spring of 2022 is when I'd say." At this juncture, Holmes was still married to attorney Marilee Fiebig, with whom he shares an 11-year-old daughter, Sabine.

Concurrently, Robach was navigating her own personal transitions, yet to announce her separation from then-husband, actor Andrew Shue of 'Melrose Place' fame.

Romance Unveiled, Divorces Finalized

Robach, in a candid admission on the Dec.

5 episode of their iHeartPodcast, clarified the timeline of their evolving relationship. She shared that she removed her wedding ring in early August, signaling her ongoing divorce, while Holmes preferred a more private approach to his personal life.

Their relationship became public fodder in November 2022 following the leak of intimate photographs from a getaway in Upstate New York. "To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship," Robach stated, addressing misconceptions of infidelity.

By then, both were engaged in divorce proceedings. In a surprising turn of events, both Holmes and Robach have since finalized their divorces, and, in an intriguing twist, Fiebig and Shue have reportedly started a relationship.

Despite the public interest in their story, Holmes and Robach have consistently avoided discussing rumors on their podcast. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on their current happiness and gratitude, Holmes expressed on the Dec.

12 episode, "We're not going to get into back and forth games because gossip is toxic." For more details of Holmes and Robach's unique romance, read here.