Sylvester Stallone Eyes Gosling for 'Rambo' Legacy Handover

Iconic Franchise Eyes New Star for Lead Role

by Zain ul Abedin
Sylvester Stallone Eyes Gosling for 'Rambo' Legacy Handover
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Ryan Gosling, renowned for his recent portrayal as Ken in 2023's blockbuster 'Barbie', might soon embrace a new iconic role, if Sylvester Stallone has his way. In a surprising revelation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Stallone, 77, expressed his admiration for Gosling, considering him as a potential successor for the legendary 'Rambo' series.

During the show, Stallone shared an anecdote about a dinner encounter with Gosling. “I met [Ryan] at a dinner,” Stallone recounted. Despite their contrasting appearances - Stallone joking about his own looks compared to Gosling's charm - the 'Rocky' star was struck by Gosling's deep connection with the 'Rambo' character.

“Could you imagine me as Ken? It doesn’t work at all,” Stallone quipped, reflecting on their differing Hollywood roles. Gosling, who has received critical acclaim and several award nominations for his performance in 'Barbie', revealed to Stallone his childhood fascination with 'Rambo'

“He was fascinated by Rambo, and he used to go to school dressed as Rambo,” Stallone recalled. This passion, according to Stallone, could be the key to continuing the 'Rambo' legacy.

Gosling as Rambo: A Fresh Take

Stallone's 'Rambo', a character that debuted in 1982 with 'First Blood', has become a symbol of resilience and bravery.

Portraying John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran and Green Beret, Stallone brought to life a character who, despite his war trauma, fiercely protects those he cares about. This series, spanning over decades with five films, including the latest 'Last Blood' in 2019, has been a cornerstone of action cinema.

Gosling's potential to take on the role of Rambo poses an intriguing prospect. Stallone, while enthusiastic, humorously noted a possible hindrance, “I don’t know if anyone would say, ‘Hey, he’s too good-looking to be Rambo,’” indicating Gosling's stark contrast to the rugged Rambo image.

While there are no immediate plans for a new 'Rambo' film, the possibility of Gosling stepping into this iconic role presents an exciting future for the franchise. Stallone's endorsement not only highlights Gosling's versatility as an actor but also marks a potential shift in the portrayal of one of cinema's most enduring characters.

With Gosling's impressive track record and Stallone's blessing, the continuation of the 'Rambo' saga could take an unexpected yet thrilling turn.

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