Las Vegas Launches John Wick-Themed Tourist Attraction

Las Vegas Unveils Unique Cinematic Adventure Experience.

by Nouman Rasool
Las Vegas Launches John Wick-Themed Tourist Attraction
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Vegas is about to become even more glamorous in the direction of entertainment, as John Wick is to be the new object of interest for tourists. The tourists will have an incredible adventure in a completely new, interactive environment of entertainment, following the plot of an already acclaimed series of films from the studio Lionsgate.

Set to open by the end of the year, it's a collaboration with franchise director Chad Stahelski and his team at 87Eleven Entertainment. The John Wick Experience will exist within 12,000 square feet of the AREA15 campus, the hub of immersive events and interactive attractions designed to challenge the limits of reality.

The attraction is said to be "immersive theater meets cinematically-themed environments." Here, the guests will enter the Las Vegas Continental where they step into the fantastical underworld of John Wick. The experience will be both interactive and high stakes that will lead its guests through a thrilling adventure they will remember for a long time.

Further, the experience doesn't stop at the adventure proper but also provides for a themed bar and a retail shop to cater to the general public for more enjoyment of the place.

Immersive Interactive Missions

Its interactivity, however, sets apart this experience.

Every group of guests is going to be given specific missions that plunge them ever deeper into the world of John Wick. Characters, mythology, and iconography from the franchise are imitated in characters from the Continental staff to assassins and crime bosses that the players will come into contact with.

The experience is said to offer real engagement with the world of the franchise, with secrets and private areas of the Continental. Jenefer Brown, Executive Vice President, and Head of Global Products and Experiences at Lionsgate, has added to this expression: "In John Wick, the hidden world of allegiances and vendettas with a sinister twist of humor provides ripe backdrop material for a new approach to the series.

She notes that this experience offers fans a chance to delve into that world in an unprecedented way. Known for bringing the fantastical and adventuresome to life, AREA15 is considered the perfect backdrop to thrust fans into the world of action and danger depicted in the John Wick films.

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