Usher Opens Up About Lessons from Toxic Relationships Before Vegas Wedding

Usher Reflects on Past, Embraces Positive Future Relationships.

by Nouman Rasool
Usher Opens Up About Lessons from Toxic Relationships Before Vegas Wedding
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In a candid revelation, music icon Usher has opened about his journey from the electrifying Super Bowl performance to the blissful altar where he has become a goner, marrying his long-term partner Jennifer Goicoechea just days ago.

The R&B superstar, who recently impressed the fans with his halftime show at Allegiant Stadium, sure enough started a new chapter in life with this marriage, marking it his third time to walk down the aisle. Speaking to The Post, Ujson shed light on his previous relationships and the unhealthy dynamics he had to rise above just days prior to getting married in Las Vegas.

"That's me coming out of toxic relationships that are no longer toxic," he said, attributing some value to the fact of maturity that marks his dealings with romantic entanglements that were, in fact, the past.

Usher's Harmonious Outlook

Usher Raymond IV's current thought is a philosophical acceptance and grace toward his former partners, which include Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC, his first wife, Tameka Foster, the mother to his two eldest sons, Usher "Cinco" V, 16, and Naviyd, 15, and his second wife, Grace Miguel.

"I could be clear that, 'Yo, we don’t have to be the best of friends, but we don’t have to be enemies,'" Usher said. And echoes of that theme — reconciliation and moving on — are to be heard in Usher's latest musical work.

His new single "Good Good," from the forthcoming album "Coming Home" — his first solo release since 2016 — tackles the complications of past relationships. As the song's words implore, "I hate that we didn’t make it to forever.

We ain’t good good, but we still good," it rings of his own life and experience in healing and forgiveness. Usher surprised everyone by getting married to Goicoechea, the mother of his young daughter Sovereign, 3, and son Sire, 2, a sign that he is set for a new phase in life.

The "Yeah!" singer had already shown his commitment to the woman he is with now during an interview before the ceremony. It would be remembered that Usher chose to be at home, "Coming Home," and away from the temptations of the outside world, which he has sung about in his latest tracks.

"I have a good time, but inside I can have all the things that I want," he mused. And with this song he's released, in which Usher says he was lost at love but has now found direction through it, the singer has finally moved through those invisible walls.