Austin North, 'Outer Banks' Actor, Detained for ER Staff Assault

Disturbing Incident at UMC Hospital Involves TV Star

by Nouman Rasool
Austin North, 'Outer Banks' Actor, Detained for ER Staff Assault
© Mindy Small/Getty Images

"Outer Banks" star Austin North has been arrested in Las Vegas for a charge of battery constituting a gross misdemeanor after an unexpected incident had occurred at UMC Hospital. The incident, taking place Tuesday night, involved North allegedly attacking one or more employees of the hospital.

The incident took place after police were called to the emergency room of the hospital for an assault. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, police responded to the call and interviewed the alleged victims. The disturbing scenario of the apparently causeless assault on the two nurses and a phlebotomist is that of a 27-year-old actor who evidently set upon them in sustained blows and shoves.

Now, it's still not clear why North was in the hospital. The Post attempted to reach out to his representatives for comment but had not yet received a response.

North's Alleged Hospital Assault

The police report provided additional details about the incident.

In a case against North, it has been alleged that he pulled one nurse by the hair and hit her on the head, and also shoved one of the nurses in the face. It is also alleged that he pushed one of the phlebotomists as a result of which the phlebotomist fell down from the collision with a table.

On his defense, the phlebotomist is said to have hit North on the head with a tray table positioned nearby. North apparently assaulted a fourth person also before the guards could intervene whose identity and role at the hospital have not been disclosed.

TMZ reports police officials were able to get North handcuffed to a gurney in the hospital. After being read his Miranda rights, North reportedly acknowledged understanding he was being arrested for battery. North was then hauled off to jail.

Since the accident, North has been released on bail. The circumstances leading to his aggressive act and the actor's status at present are still open subjects for public and media discussion. More details coming in, though, did not make the news any less shocking, and it got a wide draw, mostly from fans of the "Outer Banks" series and those who were keeping pace with North's career.