Usher's Heartbreak: Coping with Stepson's Tragic Loss

Usher Opens Up About Family Struggles and Heartbreak

by Zain ul Abedin
Usher's Heartbreak: Coping with Stepson's Tragic Loss
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Usher, the voice behind the Super Bowl halftime show, has been known for so many years. In this exclusive interview, Usher poured out his heart and spoke of a devastating personal loss that his family and ex-wife, Tameka Foster, had to endure many years ago.

In a deeply introspective cover story, the 45-year-old star opens up about a journey of fame in all its highs and lows. Reflecting on the turn of tragic events in 2012, Usher recalls one of the instances in particular when he found out about Foster's son, Kile, aged 11, from her previous marriage to Ryan Glover, tragically passing away from a boating accident.

Describing Foster, Usher clearly remembers his emotional and painful reaction of immediately going to his defense despite the two being separated at the time. He recalled, "I got the call back then. She was in Italy at the time and I chartered a private plane to get her home as quick as I could because she was just so distraught." Then, in an attempt to convey the profundity of the pain in losing a child, he appends, "It's a real hard thing to lose a child."

Usher's Family Tribulations

Usher remembered Kile as the "amazing child" who continued to affect his family's life.

Even though it has been a while, Kile's memory remains within them, and Usher admitted, "There's not a day that his brothers and his mother don't think about him." The Grammy winner also opens up on the struggle to co-parent with Foster, his ex-wife, who has given him two boys, Usher V, 16, and Naviyd, 15.

He admits their relationship sometimes gets complicated and states, "We have more difficult days than we have great ones." Recalling the scary experience of 2013 when Usher V almost drowned in his pool, Usher points out how much it did affect both he and Foster.

While this comes under the scrutiny of a custodial tussle, Usher emphasizes that he will not compromise his boys, stating that "I love my boys, and I would never do anything to compromise or endanger them." Today, as they learn the ropes of co-parenting, Usher remains committed to establishing a secure environment for their children.

He emphasized that they are "trying our hardest" to raise their sons together, despite the odds that life throws at them.