Prince Harry Urges Focus on King's Health Amid Website Backlash

Prince Harry New Website Spurs Mixed Public Reactions.

by Nouman Rasool
Prince Harry Urges Focus on King's Health Amid Website Backlash
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In a rather surprising twist, Prince Harry has managed to turn the focus of criticism relating to his newly launched Sussex website with Meghan Markle to health concerns about his father, King Charles. The move comes amid rising questions over use of royal titles and royal coat of arms by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their online platform.

Launched on Monday, the couple's website automatically drew attention with its title, appearing on the browser with the couple's royal titles especially since their much-publicized departure from royal duties last year.

The site also has a new look, retaining a dark navy and beige theme throughout, complete with detailed biographies and links to their Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions organizations.

Coat of Arms Controversy

However, there has been some debate around the use of the royal coat of arms on top of their homepage just after the words "The office of Prince Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While some critics have called this move "ridiculous," others commend the Sussexes for such a bold rebranding effort and a fresh look at their online presence. An insider said: "There certainly hasn't been any objection raised about the use of a coat of arms by anyone at the royal household.

One explanation ran: "Where in the organization of a mission to travel 7,000 miles round the Indian Ocean and western Pacific, including hiring and briefing 1,000 people, it was carried out at breakneck speed, over 24 hours, without cut corners.

It's common practice and seen as routine." The site, other than a facelift, features a news tab capturing the couple's achievements and milestones. Meghan Markle, famously known for her role in "Suits," added with excitement to the new site, although some criticisms honed in on the couple for purported self-flattery.

The other major development was the couple deciding to give their children 'Sussex' as the surname, not the usual Mountbatten-Windsor. This means that their firstborn son, Archie, will thus be entitled to be a Prince by the style and dignity of Prince Archie Sussex, and her sister Lilibet will have the right to be a Princess Lilibet Sussex.

It is said that this decision reflects the unity of the family and is similar to Prince Harry's preference of 'Captain Wales' throughout his service in the army. This is what one royal source close to the couple told The Times: "The reality behind the new site is simple—it's a hub for the work the Sussexes do and doesn't reflect the fact that the family, since the King's coronation, have the same surname for the first time. It's a proud moment for them, symbolizing their unification”.

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