Biden Gains Putin's Support Over Trump in U.S. Race

Russian President Discusses U.S. Politics and NATO Stances

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden Gains Putin's Support Over Trump in U.S. Race
© Ricardo Ceppi/Getty Images

In a recent development in the dynamic landscape of global politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly expressed his preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the upcoming American presidential election. In a candid interview aired on state television, Putin lauded Biden as a seasoned and predictable political figure, contrasting him with the less conventional approach of his rival.

Putin's comments come at a time when Biden, currently serving as President of the United States, faces scrutiny over his age and capability to seek a second term. The Russian leader's endorsement, describing Biden as an "old-style politician," might be perceived as ambivalent, given the current political climate in the U.S.

This endorsement subtly undermines the narrative that Biden is the sole candidate capable of standing firm against Putin's aggressive policies. Notably, Putin dismissed concerns about Biden's mental acuity, referencing their last summit in Geneva nearly three years ago where he found Biden to be sharp and competent.

This statement from Putin, 71, counters the ongoing discourse about 81-year-old Biden's cognitive abilities.

Putin, Trump, and NATO Dynamics

Simultaneously, Putin didn't shy away from acknowledging some of Trump's viewpoints, particularly his stance on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which Russia views as a strategic adversary.

He recognized the logic in Trump's reluctance to defend certain NATO allies, a position that aligns with Moscow's interests. Despite these comments, Trump, addressing a rally in South Carolina, interpreted Putin's praise of Biden as a compliment to himself, seeing it as an acknowledgment of his own political acumen.

The interplay of these political endorsements is complex, especially considering Putin's previous public commendation of Trump during the 2016 election campaign. That support cast a long shadow over Trump's presidency, marred by allegations of Russian interference in the election.

Kremlin insiders, while reflecting on Trump's potential return to the White House, express uncertainty about the benefits for Russia. They recall Trump's unpredictable tenure, marked by a lack of significant progress in U.S.-Russia relations and misunderstandings with the Kremlin.

Amidst these political maneuvers, Putin criticized the Biden administration's policies towards Russia, particularly regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He reiterated his stance on the war, expressing no regrets and urging the U.S. and its allies to acknowledge their failure to defeat Russia.