Will Smith's 'Sugar Bandits' Marks Comeback Post-Oscars Incident"

Chuck Hogan's latest screenplay ignites buzz in Hollywood.

by Nouman Rasool
Will Smith's 'Sugar Bandits' Marks Comeback Post-Oscars Incident"
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Hollywood A-lister Will Smith is being teamed to star in the action crime film 'Sugar Bandits', as per a gripping 2010 novel titled 'Devils in Exile' by Chuck Hogan. A casting revelation and a sharp turnaround in Smith's career, it situates him back in the limelight with a challenging role.

Smith plays Neal Maven, an Iraq War veteran who, together with other equally ill-fated veterans, dives into the treacherous drug trade of Boston. Variety first reported this good news on Wednesday, giving light to this important career stride for Smith, who, after all, is returning to the limelight of Hollywood after having a sort of low profile.

"Sugar Bandits" will follow Smith's 2022 project "Emancipation," from director Antoine Fuqua. The film was mostly met with mixed reviews, but got overshadowed by a highly scrutinized incident at the Oscars when Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage.

Sugar Bandits: Screenplay Spotlight

The screenplay for the new movie, 'Sugar Bandits,' by Chuck Hogan, who wrote the screenplay for the 2016 film '13 Hours,' is about to bring an authentic and serious tone to the movie.

One film that will certainly be a talking point at the EFM, which gets underway on Thursday, is "Sugar Bandits," and international sales are being handled by CAA Media Finance and AGC International, promising a keen market interest.

But "Sugar Bandits" aside, the career path for Smith is looking good. Reports further suggest that he has signed up for the much-awaited fourth part of the 'Bad Boys' series too and has teamed up with Michael B. Jordan for the sequel of 'I Am Legend' too.

This adds to Smith's current lineup of projects, proving that he continues to be one of the most diverse and adaptable actors in Hollywood. The casting of Will Smith in "Sugar Bandits" not only marks the return but also indicates the conscious decision from his side to get into the type of characters that would elevate his potential in performance to a whole new height.

Portraying Neal Maven, the global viewership would expect him to beget performance that would be deeply rooted with depth and nuance which this complex character is pregnant with. This project against a high-profile lineup of films marks a new chapter in the illustrious career of Smith: one filled with resiliency, adaptability, and the unwavering passion of a superstar for his craft.

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