Kevin Costner Reveals New Love on Valentine's Day

Kevin Costner's Heartwarming Canine Adventure Unfolds.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner Reveals New Love on Valentine's Day
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On this Valentine's Day, one of the most lovable Hollywood actors, Kevin Costner, has found his new love, but this time it is not in the form of a romantic companion but through an adorable Labrador puppy. It seems that the "Yellowstone" heartthrob is now the new social media sensation, as he melted hearts across all platforms on Thursday, when he introduced fans to his new furry friend, a massive Saint Bernard, on his Instagram stories The adorable picture featured the 64-year-old actor's new member named Bobby who laid comfortably as he took a nap on the door of the dishwasher, having humorous text on the snap that said, "Bobby being a big help with the dishes".

It was so clear how this actor loved his dog as he could not help but share this candid moment just a few weeks after having Bobby in his life. Last month, he had taken to Instagram to let out his love for Bobby, posting, "Newest addition to the family.

I’m already in love with this special guy," accompanied by a carousel of heartwarming photos.

kevin costner love for bobby© kevincostnermodernwest/Instagram

Costner's Animal Advocacy

The well-known "Field of Dreams" actor, who is a zealous animal advocate, joined forces with The Orange Dog in 2010, a group of people dedicated to rescuing animals from overpopulated shelters.

After one of those moments, as he reminisced to "Access Hollywood," he flew dogs from California to Edmonton, Canada—in a private jet. Literally giving them a new lease on life. "When this plane is at its best, it's not taking people around the world, it's hauling animals," he said.

He expounded that as a mission, it bore meaning since it gave the animals second chances to live on, and in his words, it was very personal to him. In between the warm welcome of the new dog into his life, Costner has gone through personal trouble with a high-profile divorce from Christine Baumgartner in 2023.

After a tumultuous period and some high-stakes settlement deal, Costner has stayed busy with his work. He has kept his head down with regard to his ambitious project "Horizon: An American Saga," a Western film series slated for a two-part release in 2024.

In addition to that, Costner has captured the interest of multiple Grammy award-winning artist Jewel who grabbed his attention since his newfound single status spices up his own personal narrative.

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