Michael Buerk Targets 'The Traitors' Celebrity Spin-Off

Veteran broadcaster sets sights on new reality TV challenge.

by Nouman Rasool
Michael Buerk Targets 'The Traitors' Celebrity Spin-Off
© Karwai Tang/WireImage

Former BBC anchor Michael Buerk has expressed his interest in joining a celebrity version of the popular BBC reality TV show, "The Traitors." Following the immense success of its initial series, rumors have been circulating about a celebrity edition of the show, and Buerk is keen on becoming a part of it.

Michael Buerk, renowned for his extensive career as a news presenter from 1976 to 2003, shared his enthusiasm for participating in the show, which is hosted by Claudia Winkleman. In a conversation with The Mirror, Buerk humorously remarked, "If you survive 50 years at the BBC, you can stab people in the front." He further commented on his potential fit for the show, stating, "I do think it will fit my skillset, being treacherous." Currently hosting Radio 4's "The Moral Maze," Buerk also disclosed that he has repeatedly declined offers to appear on "Strictly Come Dancing," setting him apart from some of his former colleagues like Angela Rippon and John Sergeant.

Despite being approached about five times, Buerk feels hesitant due to his lack of dancing skills and the potential for embarrassment. He humorously noted that the "bumbling, knob-footed idiot" role has already been played, referring to John Sergeant's memorable participation.

Celebrity Traitors Anticipation

The possibility of a celebrity version of "The Traitors" has sparked excitement among fans and insiders alike. A source informed The Sun that the show's producers are keen on securing high-profile celebrities, given the show's impressive viewership numbers.

They are looking for individuals who not only bring star power but also possess the strategic thinking and cunning necessary to excel in the game. As the buzz around a celebrity spin-off of "The Traitors" grows, fans are eagerly awaiting official confirmation from the BBC.

The prospect of seeing familiar faces navigate the treacherous waters of the game adds an exciting dimension to the already popular series.