Tom Sandoval's Heartfelt Tribute to Ex Ariana Madix

Surprising Reaction: Sandoval Reflects on Madix's Response

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Sandoval's Heartfelt Tribute to Ex Ariana Madix
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In the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval, the frontman of Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, has appreciated how his ex-partner Ariana Madix took the publicized fallout dubbed "Scandoval" in a dignified manner.

He has described her response as very grown-up considering the storm. And while the two have differences, Sandoval believes Madix is reserved in attitude because even if he was the one affected by what he did, she did not become vindictive.

In the recent series, Sandoval got into a heated spat with his former best friend Scheana Shay on accusations of cheating. During this confrontation, Sandoval's integrity was brought into the questioning of past instances when he had been unfaithful and that betrayal became the character of his relationships.

Responding to the served criticism, Sandoval has regretted the atmosphere of negativism around his deeds, as it makes it hard to live under public control if one makes a personal mistake. Despite the pressure, Sandoval has remained on the position of responsibility, being a supporter of honesty and regret as an important part of conflict mitigation.

Ariana's Unexpected Response

This not only struck Sandoval but was also surprising for him, as Madix took the only route he could have never expected her to take: she chose not to revenge herself even when being aggrieved.

By saying that he wanted to talk with Madix, Sandoval made a key emphasis of a lack of hatred, something he could not expect from his ex-wife, with whom, by the way, they had not started to date each other just yesterday.

"I wouldn't even blame her if she came after me and did all that stuff," Sandoval said, noting how his co-star had held back from attacking him in kind to avenge herself for his betrayal. "But Ariana doesn't get off on that drama.

She doesn't want to see me dragged to the point of destruction." Sandoval's thoughts on Madix's response show a kind of understanding of how sensitive the worlds of interpersonal relationships are when in the public eye requires being treated with maturity and restraint.

Sandoval's recognition of Madix's dignified response was just a testament to the enduring complications of love, forgiveness, and redemption in the spotlight as the "Scandoval" saga played out.