Matt Damon's Improvised Line in Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Ad

Exploring the enduring partnership of two Hollywood icons.

by Nouman Rasool
Matt Damon's Improvised Line in Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Ad
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Only on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Hollywood actor Matt Damon revealed some behind-the-scenes fun facts from his Super Bowl commercial, which he starred in with his best buddy, the actor Ben Affleck. One of the big hits was a Dunkin' ad featuring the three of them, Damon, Affleck, and football legend Tom Brady humorously called "The Dunkings." Adding to its charm, the spot humorously disappointed superstar Jennifer Lopez.

During the Tuesday night show, 53-year-old Damon shared that the ad's concept was not his brainchild. Colbert, 59, told the television audience how much he liked the "memorable line Damon delivers to 51-year-old Affleck in the spot's final frame: 'Remember when I told you I would do anything for you? This is "anything."' Damon said the line was something he came up with just off the cuff during taping, and it was his buddy Affleck's call to include it in the final cut of the commercial.

Damon & Affleck: Career Collaborations

Their bond, since their early years, would be lifelong. And they would work together for a number of times, with the films they worked on including the critically lauded "Good Will Hunting", "Dogma", and most recently "The Last Duel".

They were also co-producers and acted together in "Air", directed by Affleck. Damon also said he has a good relationship with other Hollywood figures like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, who are their neighbors and whom they consider as their other family.

He humorously indicated seeing Krasinski, who is working out for the role in Guy Ritchie's new movie "Fountain of Youth," in the gym every morning. The "Oppenheimer" actor, the one who had promised his wife he would take a break from acting, told a really interesting story about him returning to work.

He had agreed to take a break, yes, unless the filmmaker would be Christopher Nolan and he called him for some work. Surprisingly, Nolan did call, leading Damon to join the cast of the atomic bomb thriller. Damon's appearance on Colbert's show brought to light not only how a memorable Super Bowl commercial is formed, but also showed his own personal and professional relationships in the film industry, building camaraderie on these particular surprising moments that are his career.

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