Kanye West Refutes Allegations of Buying Super Bowl Ticket to Overshadow Taylor Swift

Superstar Taylor Swift experiences thrilling Super Bowl victory.

by Nouman Rasool
Kanye West Refutes Allegations of Buying Super Bowl Ticket to Overshadow Taylor Swift
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In a sensational twist of events in the entertainment world, Kanye West categorically denied allegations that Taylor Swift had choreographed his ejection from the Super Bowl event last Sunday in any way, shape, or form. This brought to the fore the vitriolic enmity that has always characterized their relationship and the news were all over.

The claim was first made by former NFL star Brandon Marshall, who, during the "I AM ATHLETE" podcast episode, stated Swift, 34, got Kanye, 46, kicked out of the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Marshall said West had bought seats that were reportedly staged to be close to Swift in order to upstage her when the event was televised.

Marshall said an alarmed Swift paid back by having Kanye thrown out of the event. A rep for Kanye West told TMZ that the rumors were "completely fabricated." The rep went on to say that this rumor seemed to be coming from another woman who must not have been far away when he shared this information.

Swift's Star-Studded Super Bowl

From the stadium, Taylor Swift, who was at the Super Bowl cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and his Kansas City Chiefs, watched the spectacle from a VIP box, sharing it with Blake Lively, Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey, and Kelce's family.

The event saw the Chiefs clinch victory against the San Francisco 49ers. Some claims by Marshall make some questions mostly because he was quite puzzled in the beginning as to whether the "Holy Ground" singer was Swift or fellow pop star Katy Perry.

Where he got this information is not clear, either, so it's just another supposedly controversial claim. The event is set to bring to an end a long line of controversial interactions between the rapper and Swift since the infamous 2009 VMA incident.

First, there was the interruption of Taylor's acceptance speech by Kanye and his rather controversial song "Famous" in 2016, including the music video. The Chiefs then went on to celebrate as there was Taylor Swift on hand to share in the moments as the team paid tribute to her with some of her popular songs such as "Love Story." The ambience of romance was felt as Swift shared a kiss with Kelce signifying a victorious moment right in the middle of a scandal that has unfolded for her and Kanye West.

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