Former Def Jam Executive Sues Russell Simmons for Alleged Rape, Assault

New Legal Battle Emerges in Music Industry Scandal

by Nouman Rasool
Former Def Jam Executive Sues Russell Simmons for Alleged Rape, Assault
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A former executive at Def Jam Recordings, who is identified in court papers only as Jane Doe, accused co-founder Russell Simmons in a lawsuit under New York's Adult Survivors Act of rape and s----- harassment. The charges come after attention to harassment in the entertainment industry was spotlighted in recent weeks—on the years-old incident involving his former Beverly Hills home.

According to a Fox News Digital report, the lawsuit alleges that Simmons launched into a harrowing ordeal with Doe as she was rising through the ranks of the music industry as an executive. Their relationship had started on a professional note but things went awry when Simmons allegedly began making unsolicited s----- advances and comments.

The case would climax in an alleged rape inside his apartment, where he often worked. Doe, who was reviewing a rough cut of a music video with Simmons, says he pinned her down and raped her despite her begging him to stop.

The lawsuit claimed that the traumatic incident led Doe to have serious psychological issues, suchjson such as panic attacks and even caused her to suffer from a disabling nervous breakdown. After the incident, she ended up quitting her much-loved job at Def Jam and leaving New York to move to California.

Simmons Denies Allegations

The lawsuit draws a disturbing parallel to the pattern of behavior by Simmons, who since 2017 has been accused by more than a dozen women of similar behavior. But Simmons, who has confessed to past crudeness but firmly and unyieldingly denied any of the allegations for his violent assaults.

He has taken more than a couple of lie detector tests to confirm his position, as he said in an interview last year with Graham Bensinger. After the accusations were made, Simmons resigned from his post at Def Jam. Kenya Davis, attorney for Doe, said the conduct of Simmons dramatically changed the path of her life and caused profound damage.

Davis said the trauma her client endured changed the course of her career in the music business and was horrific on her personal relationships.