Shrinking Authority: Lindsey Graham Criticized for Recent Actions

Graham Faces Backlash Over Controversial Ukraine Aid Vote

by Zain ul Abedin
Shrinking Authority: Lindsey Graham Criticized for Recent Actions
© Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

On Tuesday, South Carolina's former powerful advocate of Ukraine in its fight against Russian military invasion, Lindsey Graham, felt the wave of criticism after he surprisingly voted against providing military aid to Ukraine in the U.S.

Senate. Mr. Graham had earlier declared his steadfast support for Ukraine, but this time he blamed the package of not having provisions against the present crisis for migrants from the south to the U.S. This was a reason that called for doubt especially when the Republicans had earlier blocked a border crisis problem targeted by both parties.

Journalist Michael Weiss was dumbfounded by Graham's reversal, comparing it to his previous pro-Ukraine stance and noting the probable chagrin of Graham's deceased colleague, Senator John McCain. Weiss remembered a 2016 chat in which Graham had said he was "puzzled by the tolerance" of the Republican Party toward then-candidate Donald Trump.

Graham's Shifting Allegiances

Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh expressed similar disbelief, taking further note of the apparent surrender of Graham's principles to Trump-era nationalist sentiment. Walsh lamented the senator's extreme makeover of the last eight years, calling it a wholesale emasculation of his former principles.

Arnaud Castaignet, Vice President Government Affairs and Public Relations at Skeleton Technologies, also took a jibe at the supposed inconsistency of Graham. He referred to the senator's visit to Kyiv nine months ago, in which the senator confirmed to President Zelensky of Ukraine of his reliable support - a promise, said Castaignet, the senator obviously didn't keep when Trump disapproved.

Retired General Mark Hertling did say that in fact his actions do extend further and do damage to America's global alliances. Hertling highlighted that perception among international allies on the part of elected U.S. officials is of concern.

America's credibility is thus hugely damaged through hypocrisy, according to Hertling. Graham's opposition to the reversal on Ukraine aid has not only raised an uproar of criticism but questioned the fidelity and integrity of U.S. foreign policy commitments made in the face of more complex global challenges.