GOP Renews Effort to Impeach Mayorkas on Border

Escalating Border Crisis Triggers Renewed Political Actions

by Zain ul Abedin
GOP Renews Effort to Impeach Mayorkas on Border
© Candice Ward/Getty Images

House Republicans are preparing for a second effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for alleged mismanagement of border policy, in a dramatic political turn. This follows by only a week an unsuccessful first attempt that ended in a 215-215 tie in the House.

In a major blow to Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and his team, three Republican Representatives sided with unanimous Democratic opposition to kill the measure - Ken Buck of Colorado, Tom McClintjson of California, and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin.

It's buoying the GOP ahead of another vote Tuesday, with Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., returning for the first time since being seriously wounded in a shooting last year. With that reinforcement, though, the outcome would seem far from assured, given the close vote margins and potential absences - made worse by a major snowstorm impacting travel to Washington, D.C.

That announcement came with controversy for his party, as National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Tom Emmer had just condemned Malliotakis's most recent impeachment articles vote. Victories by the Democratic nominee, former Rep.

Tom Suozzi, over Republican Mazi Pilip would simply complicate a Republican majority in the House even further, making this vote to impeach more of a dire necessity.

Mayorkas Impeachment Push

If successful, this move would make Mayorkas only the second Cabinet secretary in U.S.

history to be impeached. It unfolds against the backdrop of a recent Senate bipartisan agreement on stricter asylum and border policies sought by ex-President Donald Trump, and Speaker Johnson, abandoned shortly thereafter by Senate GOP leaders.

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Secretary Mayorkas laughed off the impeachment articles, saying they were "baseless allegations" and that it was up to Congress to fix the immigration system. He acknowledged a crisis at the border but denied that the high numbers of migrants was his problem.

A resolution last week to impeach Mayorkas, introduced by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, charged that Mayorkas has "intentionally broken" federal immigration laws and provided false information to Congress, a breach of public trust.

The House Republicans were unified in opposition, but the Senate - controlled by Democrats - remains an extremely difficult hurdle. A conviction would take two-thirds of members, and so a penalty is very unlikely against Mayorkas.

This kind of political play underscores the deep divisions and continued struggles of U.S. politics, especially over immigration and border security.