Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Tracksuit Sells Out in 19 Minutes Following Super Bowl Ad

Expanding Beyond Coffee: Dunkin's Latest Culinary Adventure Unveils.

by Nouman Rasool
Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Tracksuit Sells Out in 19 Minutes Following Super Bowl Ad
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In one word: genius. Genius, that's what Dunkin' Donjsonuts has scored with its new partnership with Hollywood icon Ben Affleck. In fact, it has already taken off spectacularly, with the collaboration making its debut in a star-studded Super Bowl commercial that also featured Matt Damon and Tom Brady.

The spot, which debuted Sunday, features the trio crashing into a recording studio where Jennifer Lopez is cutting a track, all donned in bright orange track suits as their "band" 'The DunKings.' But the response to the ad was nothing short of amazing.

In fact, it was only in 19 minutes that the Dunkin' tracksuits, a key player in the ad, sold out. The matching pink bucket hats experienced the same incredible demand and were out of stock. As TMZ shares, this made for a record-breaking sale in the history of Dunkin', as fast as it sold out compared to any other.

Well, of course, Dunkin' Donuts, as being the savviest, wasted no time in announcing the restock of the highly popular sale items.

DunKings Menu Debut

But this success story is not limited to apparel only. Dunkin' Donuts is slated to exploit this marketing success, coming out with its debut 'DunKings' menu of all time.

The new addition will be expected to shore up the company's earnings at a decent pace evident from the success of celebrity endorsements in parallel avenues as well as the 2020 McDonald's and Travis Scott partnership. Already, the Super Bowl commercial is making an impact.

L.A. stores told TMZ customer traffic is up, and staff comments were the same. This jump would be in line with previous successes, one source told CNN, and had Dunkin' Don'ts pulling in their biggest sales of all time the day after Affleck's 2023 Super Bowl ad.

"DunKings Menu" will include Affleck's go-to iced coffee with sweet cold foam, cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar topped with a special "DunKings Munchkin Skewer" of three donut holes on a stick. The Super Bowl advert showcased Jack Harlow, Fat Joe, and Jennifer Lopez in a hilarious portrayal of the musicians' amazement after 'The DunKings' finished their epic performance.

Also, Dunkin's "DunKings" menu, to be enjoyed through the Dunkin' app only, comprises an iced hazelnut coffee with whole milk, a raspberry iced tea, and an egg sandwich on an everything seasoned bagel, just to keep the journey with Dunkin' always enjoyable and diversified.

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