Ryan Gosling Selected by Stallone for New 'Rambo' Role

Gosling Steps into Iconic Action Role, Stallone Reveals

by Zain ul Abedin
Ryan Gosling Selected by Stallone for New 'Rambo' Role
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In an awesome piece of news for the flagship 'Rambo' property, Sylvester Stallone himself, the trailblazer face of the action-packed series, has actually been on the horn, calling for Ryan Gosling to take up those intimidating boots and personality in this central role.

This decision marks a new chapter for the celebrated film series, which first captivated audiences in 1982. Stallone, now 77, played US Army Special Forces veteran John Rambo in five thrilling installments that first ran between 1982 and 1995.

His portraiture not only defined a genre but also left an indelible stamp across the landscape of action cinema. The news of Gosling came when in a recent episode of The Tonight Show. When he was asked who he would like to be filling the shoes of the character next time around, Stallone had immediately named the actor of 'Barbie'

Gosling's casting is a major tip of the hat to the character's legacy - the actor is well known for his varied roles and standout good looks.

Stallone Shares Rambo Anecdote

Stallone joked with a ready anecdote about the meeting with Gosling and told how different they are.

"I met [Ryan Gosling] at dinner. Obviously, we are opposites. He's good-looking. I'm not. Seriously! Could you imagine me as Ken? It doesn't work at all," chuckled Stallone, referring to Gosling's casting as Ken in the coming live-action "Barbie.

Delving deeper, Stallone revealed Gosling's long-standing fascination with the Rambo character. "Ryan goes, 'I was fascinated by Rambo and used to go to school dressed as Rambo and people used to chase me away and I still didn’t stop.'

He was just going on that he had a lot of affiliation towards Rambo. And I thought, you know, this is interesting," Stallone recollected. And generally, summing up his thoughts, Stallone expressed confidence in Gosling, stressing the deep connection with the character. "If I ever pass the baton, I’ll pass it off to him because he loves the character," he said.

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