Tyler Perry Inks First-Look Deal, Premieres New Drama on Netflix

Tyler Perry's New Venture with Netflix Takes Center Stage

by Zain ul Abedin
Tyler Perry Inks First-Look Deal, Premieres New Drama on Netflix
© Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Accomplished filmmaker Tyler Perry is expanding his creative leadership by signing a series deal that is first of its kind with Netflix, the world's leading streaming platform. This further broadens the partnership they have between each other, which is already a success in terms of the film production pact.

It will herald yet another era in the magnificent career of Perry and offer yet another confirmation of Netflix's commitment to diversify content it offers. First fruit of this new deal is the 16-episode drama, "Beauty in Black," slated to be written and directed by Perry, touching the lives of two entirely different women.

The story draws its attention to the way Kimmie is experiencing financial instability following a throw-out by her mother and to the way the destiny of a triumphant businesswoman named Mallory becomes interwoven with Kimmie's - thus unfolding a story of self-discovery and empowerment.

"Beauty in Black" is a testimony to good storytelling by Perry, who unraveled the story of ambition, sisterhood, and the struggle to find one's place in the world - perspectives that have their uniqueness through the lives of Black women.

Perry Expands Netflix Partnership

The show is in line with Netflix's aim to further add more vibrancy to their content library with stories targeted at different audiences, most especially the Black community. Perry has had a hit-or-miss success story with Netflix that varies widely between the highly acclaimed "A Jazzman's Blues," eagerly awaited "Six Triple Eight," and "Mea Culpa," showing his versatility as a storyteller.

The new series deal epitomizes Netflix's trust in Perry as the man who creates the hits, mirrors that which he has done on the film side. In a statement, Perry said: "I am excited to continue my partnership with Netflix through the many stories that touch our culture.

'Beauty in Black' aims to use Black women to explore the complexities of ambition, sisterhood, and self-identification." The Tyler Perry-Netflix deal is strategic for both the creator, known for his unique voice in storytelling, and the streaming giant so eager to keep bulking up its own menu with meaningful and diverse content.