Reynolds Teases Deadpool-Wolverine Amid Super Bowl Jest


Reynolds Teases Deadpool-Wolverine Amid Super Bowl Jest
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The very well extended celebrations of the Super Bowl could have got a funny side when Ryan Reynolds was alone at home and his wife, Blake Lively, was out for the game with a close friend, Taylor Swift. However, all eyes were not just on the football game, as Reynolds smartly turned the attention to the much-awaited "Deadpool & Wolverine" movie by teasing a sneaker of the first trailer during the commercial break of the event.

With each ad spot being speculated to be worth a fortune, the timing was just perfect for the Deadpool star to come in and delight the fans. Reynolds, the king of biting social media commentaries, missed nary a beat, joking in good humor about the absence of his wife in an Instagram post where he was watching the Deadpool 2 trailer, asking in a light-hearted manner about his wife's whereabouts.

Fans were getting in on the joke, with one writing of Lively's loyalties to Swift for the night. Lively, on the other hand, was clicked in happiness mode as the Kansas City Chiefs won their game with friend Swift, who is dating Chiefs' player Travis Kelce.

The two stood in a jovial embrace epitomizing the mood of the win, further accentuated by the flair with which Swift styled her accessories as a tribute to Kelce and the Chiefs.

Deadpool & Wolverine Buzz

Meanwhile, the teaser to "Deadpool & Wolverine" has surely stirred up a lot of interest.

It began on Wade Wilson's (Deadpool) birthday and rapidly escalated into a brawl. Well, obviously, it has a lot of implications on the further untraveled and once again—and again—a shockingly new adventure for the audience's best beloved anti-hero.

The movie promises to blend in some of Deadpool's humor with thrilling action, as it is evidenced through not detailed but very enticing clip from the plot. Social media had been electric, the fans just about ready to break down the trailer and expectantly awaiting the team-up of this dynamic duo.

All these mixed aspects, from sports to movies and bonhomie, showcased the superhero thrills and celebrity spectacle mixed at the Super Bowl show a continuing fusing of pop culture's many aspects.

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