Usher and Jenn Goicoechea Commit to Life Together with Marriage License

Usher's Romantic Revelation Leads to Marriage Milestone.

by Nouman Rasool
Usher and Jenn Goicoechea Commit to Life Together with Marriage License
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R&B superstar Usher and his longtime girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea, have taken a heartwarming step towards lifelong commitment. Recently the couple obtained a marriage license from the bustling city of Las Vegas where two cutie children, Sovereign Bo and Sire Castrello, days before the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2024.

Usher, 45, has opened up exclusively about his relationship with Goicoechea to PEOPLE. Speaking of his concept of marriage, he pointed out the deep feeling of honor and joy in sharing his life with Goicoechea. "Life becomes such a pleasure when you find a great partner you can share it with.

Jenn is one of those very few who loves and accepts me for who I am," Usher says. Their relationship, having rooted in mutual respect and a life journey of growth from 2019, has been a flower. Usher says that their children stand testimony to their commitment: “We’ve already made a life commitment because of our children.

"But it's just to know where my kid's life is about to start. I mean, our intentions are to be in each other's lives forever not just because of the kids but because I truly have an amazing partner.

Global Journey to Love

The couple started dating not long after Usher returned from a journey in soul discovery all over the globe in 2018, which had helped him realize the amazing bond he shared with Goicoechea.

"I found a wonderful partner who was with me all the time. My best friend. It made me realize this could be something great," he said. This comes as they were planning to legalize their union with a marriage certificate gotten on February 8 in Las Vegas.

Besides the children with Goicoechea, Usher is also a loving father to two sons, Usher "Cinco" V and Naviyd Ely, from his former wife, Tameka Foster. This balance between professional achievement and personal fulfillment starts Usher on a new journey in life.

He will continue to inspire onstage and off, so here's to even more news from Super Bowl 2024 and beyond. Relax with Usher as he, too, anticipates fun in the sun. Be entertained on his love, music, and family journey.