Trump Criticizes Taylor Swift, Sparks Political Swiftie Movement

Speculation swirls around Trump's latest comments on pop star Swift.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Criticizes Taylor Swift, Sparks Political Swiftie Movement
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Just hours before the electrifying start of the Super Bowl, where everyone had been jockeying with game predictions and the viral Traylor memes, former President Donald Trump threw in a rather unexpected comment about pop sensation Taylor Swift.

In a Sunday afternoon post on Truth Social, Trump expressed shock at Swift's backing of "Crooked Joe Biden," terming him as "the worst and most corrupt President in the history of our country." He seemed to insinuate Swift's disloyalty to him, the man that credited her for her financial success, owing to his involvement in the Music Modernization Act (MMA).

The MMA, which passed in 2018, marked a sea change in copyright law. Designed to adapt norms in royalty and licensing to the new age of streaming, the bill changed the terrain for musicians across the country. While the House and Senate both overwhelmingly backed the bill, Trump's claim of personal responsibility for Swift's success has been called into question.

Dina LaPolt, one of the main attorneys behind the MMA, contradicted Trump's involvement. Speaking to Variety, she said his part was simply to sign the legislation.

Trump, Swift, and Super Bowl Theories

Trump's abrupt pivot toward Swift comes after weeks of conservative chatter about the possibility of him endorsing her in her upcoming reelection campaign.

This was even supposed to include bizarre conspiracy theories on the conservative blogosphere, such as that the Super Bowl might be rigged for the Kansas City Chiefs, allegedly so that Swift would have a wider platform to endorse Biden.

Meantime, Trump lauded Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce quickly, despite his liberally-inclined views, and lambasted partnerships with Pfizer vaccines and Bud Light. After Trump's comments, several Democratic politicians took to Twitter in order to express their solidarity for Swift.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican and political rival of Trump, in an interview with NBC tagged the conspiracy theories as "outrageous." He hailed Swift as a remarkable American success story which should not be conjectured upon but celebrated.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took to X (ex-Twitter) announcing that he is a Swiftie—along with his favorite track, to prove he is authentic. Similarly, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, a huge fan of the Chiefs, was delighted to see Swift in support of the team but took the opportunity to throw a slight jab at MAGA Republicans for their criticism of Swift.

His remarks cleverly threaded Swift's hit songs urging the critics to "calm down," "not to get any bad blood."

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