King Charles Pursues Legal Action Over AI-Authored Cancer Diagnosis Books

AI-generated literature sparks controversy in royal health narrative.

by Nouman Rasool
King Charles Pursues Legal Action Over AI-Authored Cancer Diagnosis Books
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Books based on a computer-authored novel about King Charles' fictional cancer diagnosis sparked a row which even led to legal considerations for Buckingham Palace. The novels written by AI led to a lot of debates on the issue of AI ethics in publishing.

The AI-written biographies delve into the Monarch's own reaction to his illness—a topic that was at once fascinating and controversial. It is reported by the Daily Mail that one of the now-deleted headlines shows King Charles scared, angry, and frantic after he received the information.

One had even told that the King's tumor had been removed and went ahead to describe his rollercoaster ride through chemotherapy.

Palace Condemns AI Books

Buckingham Palace condemned such AI-generated books in an unusually strong response as being speculative and invasive.

The Palace had issued a statement in the past that has criticized the publications for not only being insensitive but also being inaccurate and intruding on the personal health matters of His Majesty. The statement further revealed that the legal team of the Palace is currently looking into the matter and appeals to those who are involved in the sale of such books to immediately stop their circulation.

It follows the sensational confirmation by Buckingham Palace that King Charles, 75, has been diagnosed with cancer. This news was naturally of great interest not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the world, since the King is a very distinguished figure on the world platform.

According to these reports, his doctors advised him to limit his activities in the public upon being diagnosed with the illness. This was followed by messages of support and concern for his health. This incident raises very critical questions about the role of AI in journalism and publishing, more so on sensitive personal matters.

The appearance of such AI-authored books on a platform as popular as Amazon evidently reveals that there's a need for firm measures to ensure the ethical employment of AI in relation to public speech.

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