Shawn Levy Guards 'Deadpool 3' Secrets

Amid industry challenges, 'Deadpool 3' faces unexpected delays

by Zain ul Abedin
Shawn Levy Guards 'Deadpool 3' Secrets
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Speaking at the Directors Guild Awards, 'Deadpool 3' director Shawn Levy humorously underlined that the upcoming Marvel film should be kept in secrecy because of the very keen perception of its star, Ryan Reynolds. "I so treasure my friendship with Ryan Reynolds and it would be so sad if it ended in murder," Levy said while joking Deadline about his fear of leaking anything about the film.

Levy's comments on this film itself indicate tight lid publicity, akin to the practices by the 'Deadpool' franchise with its zany suspenseful marketing campaigns. "If I had done anything that resembled Deadpool, I'm a guilty mess, is what I am - that's just really, really sad," he admitted.

And with that combination of humor and mystery, this is the quote that got all the fans excited. Amid the anticipation, Levy went on to share just what the process of the film has been like. "We're happily back at work, and now that we know it's coming out next summer, we are working our asses off to make the best movie possible and it's feeling good," the director says.

That statement right there just zeroes in on the whole idea of the team making a film that would be on par, if not better, than what its two predecessors had set in that sense.

Strike Halts 'Deadpool 3'

Production was hell, though, solely thanks to the recent strike of SAG-AFTRA, which took in all of the film business with it.

"We were halfway through shooting Deadpool co-starring with Wolverine," updated Levy. "It was a joy every day, and that chemistry is, spoiler alert, as relentlessly awesome as we had all hoped it would be." While production was stopped, Levy's comments point toward the electric, on-screen kinetic experience to spark fan excitement.

Levy said that with the strike, "We shut down, our crew, and the rest of us are waiting for a fair and equitable deal that ends these strikes and puts our industry and our movie back at work." With 'Deadpool 3' set for release on the 26th of July, the mix of secrecy, humor, and commitment to excellence promises a blockbuster movie experience up to par with the much-loved Deadpool ethos.

Fans can't wait to see the return of the irreverent superhero and expect another mega-hit from the Marvel cinematic universe.