Mayorkas Praises Biden: 'Sharp, Probing, and Detail-Oriented'

Biden confronts controversial claims in a recent special counsel report

by Zain ul Abedin
Mayorkas Praises Biden: 'Sharp, Probing, and Detail-Oriented'
© Candice Ward/Getty Images

Just this Sunday, on NBC News' "Meet the Press," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas forcefully defended President Joe Biden against a special counsel report casting doubt on the president's age and mental acuity.

The report, which had drawn great attention, was objected by Mayorkas on the ground of "gratuitous, unnecessary and inaccurate personal remarks." Secretary Mayorkas said he prepared for meetings with President Biden as "rigorous and intense," noting he is "sharp, intensely probing, and detail-oriented." It suggests quite the opposite of the report, hence pointing out to one Mayorkas who believes in the mental aptitude of the president.

The conversation turned to the 25th Amendment, which stipulates replacing the president not being able to discharge the functions of the office. Mayorkas categorically dismissed such conceptions on behalf of the Cabinet, underscoring his non-political position and following the implementation of the president's order.

"I will not engage in politics. I will execute a president's agenda under the governance, the policy guidance, that I've outlined," Mayorkas said, echoing a broader view being taken at the White House and Democratic leaders.

Biden Rebuts Report Claims

The controversy involves comments within the report by special counsel Hur he included worries about the president's portrayal of himself as an "elderly man with a bad memory" in certain legal settings.

Democrats have been quick to turn around the comments, saying Republicans were unfairly attacking the competence of the president. U.S. President Joe Biden dealt with the claims in person on Thursday night, saying he could not conceive of being informed by an attorney general that he does not recall the exact time when his son died.

"How in the hell dare he raise that?" Biden told reporters at the White House, seemingly speaking to his disbelief at the insinuations carried in the report. The claim about the capabilities of President Biden has taken the center stage of the emerging argument in the current political discourse that has seen figures such as Secretary Mayorkas throw their weight behind the president against what they have termed as attacks deserved.