How Travis Kelce Missed Meeting Taylor Swift Before the Super Bowl?

Pop icon Taylor Swift makes headlines with recent travels

by Zain ul Abedin
How Travis Kelce Missed Meeting Taylor Swift Before the Super Bowl?
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The global pop sensation, Taylor Swift, moved to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon instead of going to Las Vegas, taking her fans and media in general by surprise. Swift, who's fresh off a whirlwind series of appearances in Tokyo, touched down at 4 p.m.

local time in Los Angeles. The reason behind her sudden shift in plans? An interesting NFL protocol, reported by TMZ, that stopped her from seeing her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the day before the Super Bowl. According to one source with the NFL, football players traditionally are not allowed to stay with their significant others the night before any game, including the Super Bowl.

Enforcing this rule seems to vary from team to team, but on Super Bowl Sunday, the rule is strictly adhered to as players are put on what can basically be called house arrest during these early hours of this day. It was not immediately apparent if this were an official league-wide mandate, but one existed in full force this week.

Swift's Tokyo Triumph & Post-Game Plans

Swift, herself fresh off of a grueling four-show set at the Tokyo Dome, no doubt needed the rest. Despite the 17-hour time difference, Swift managed to get back to the U.S. before Saturday night ended.

Reflecting on the Tokyo shows, the pop princess took to Instagram, saying she was "so grateful to the fans" and feeling "joy" at reuniting with her band and fellow performers. Kelce has catered to the big game day, where he has bought a suite for both of the families, along with friends, and Swift is expected to join in support.

But, in these long-distance bonding circumstances, the post-game belongs to them to bring them together with no restrictions. A source close to Entertainment Tonight said that Swift and Kelce have a "unique relationship," adding that "they both are of support and encouragement to each other and are each other's biggest supporters." The source highlighted that the couple was very family-oriented and that their two inner circles fit perfectly.

It pointed out Kelce is never described as having felt so secure in a relationship, and in fact, Kelce and Swift find time for each other to hang out. It further hinted at so many great things for the couple, giving an applause to them for being frank, in love, and supporting each other.

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