Justin Timberlake Unveils 'Everything I Thought I Was' Documentary

Justin Timberlake breaks silence with a major musical comeback.

by Nouman Rasool
Justin Timberlake Unveils 'Everything I Thought I Was' Documentary
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Justin Timberlake is moving into documentary filmmaking from the world of entertainment, behind the hits "Sexy/Back. This strategy is apt as his much-awaited album, "Everything I Thought I Was," is set to be launched very soon.

According to information ascertained from sources near Timberlake and reported by the Mirror, this is part of a wider strategy to make the album succeed in a quite hard market to penetrate. He also mentions that the decision comes just when the music industry is vibrating with releases from other artists.

That places Usher's new album, especially after his Super Bowl halftime show performance and all the talk around it, and the highly anticipated release of Taylor Swift this April, "Tortured Poet's Society," mean strong competition.

Timberlake is said to be interested in not being drowned out by these releases and is searching for some new ways to make his project unique.

Timberlake's Triumphant Return

The track is set to premiere on March 15, thereby marking a comeback for Timberlake to the music scene after an absent six-year period.

The album will be a defining moment in his career after his last release, "Man of the Woods," was panned. The album has seen fans already take sample to two singles from it, which are, "Sanctified" and "Selfish." In ensuring that the release of the new album becomes effective, Timberlake does not solely rely on the traditional release strategies of the music.

Timberlake plans to land his documentary on top streaming platforms to resonate with audiences just like Taylor Swift's "Miss Americana" or Beyoncé's film "Renaissance. This move by Timberlake is representative of a growing trend among artists who are choosing to represent their music through other media in order to connect more with the audience and their storytelling.

As its release date inches closer, fans and critics alike are all left hanging to see just how this film is going to jive with the album and whether it may give Timberlake a leg up in the current competitive music scene.

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