Neuralink Relocates to Nevada Under Elon Musk's Direction

Neuralink faces legal challenges amidst groundbreaking technological advancements.

by Nouman Rasool
Neuralink Relocates to Nevada Under Elon Musk's Direction
© Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Elon Musk, a billionaire avant-garde of our time, his companies reaching into the most forefront technologies, has yet again taken an avant-garde strategic step with his neurotechnology company Neuralink. State records show that the company, best known for paving the way in the field of cybernetic implants, incorporated from Delaware to Nevada late last year.

This radical change in the organization of Neuralink corresponds with Musk's overall approach—for instance, in the latest decision of changing the state of incorporation of Tesla. This announcement came only a week after the one made by Musk that rocked the world of business, about his plans to move the incorporation of Tesla to Texas.

This followed a Delaware court decision invalidating Musk's huge $56 billion compensation plan. Musk had gone to X—formerly Twitter—in defiant response to the court ruling, warning it against incorporating in Delaware.

Neuralink Amidst Controversy

The Neuralink decision arrives at a critical moment when advancements and controversies are piling. Notably, the Delaware court, under Kathaleen McCormick, has heard cases before against Tesla's 2018 package for compensating shareholders.

The package, likely described by the judge as being unfair and in all likelihood influenced by directors under Musk's sway and amounting to an "unfathomable sum," does not favor the firm. Musk was quick to respond and in the process, played out publicly.

He went on to poll users about the shift of incorporation of Tesla to Texas from X, where its physical headquarters are based. An overwhelming 87.1% of 1.1 million people supported the idea, leaving Musk no option but to announce a vote by shareholders on the same to actualize the transition.

However, legal experts say moving Tesla's incorporation would be difficult and face challenges, which might even involve lawsuits by investors if it's seen as a way to shield Musk's pay. These corporate machinations have been paired with major milestones being achieved over at Neuralink.

Last week, Musk revealed that the first brain chip from Neuralink had been implanted in a human patient and it is reported that the person has been recovering well. This comes after the company made an announcement in September about the enrollment of participants for its maiden human clinical trial that seeks to study the safety and efficacy of its brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.

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