John Fetterman Critiques Phillips' Repeated Failures in Bid

Wealthy Phillips Faces Scrutiny in Political Arena.

by Nouman Rasool
John Fetterman Critiques Phillips' Repeated Failures in Bid
© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania said on Tuesday that Representative Dean Phillips' bid to run for the presidency as a Democrat was hapless and overwhelmed by serial embarrassments. He was speaking while on an interview with CNN's Abby Phillip.

On a recent Friday night edition of the show, Fetterman reacted to a clip of Phillips criticizing the Democratic Party's support for President Biden. Phillip's proposal had been that the party urges Biden to "pass the torch," on the backdrop of the unending debate of the President's age and questions raised on the sharpness of his mental abilities.

All these, according to Phillip, outshone Biden's campaign for a re-election.

Fetterman Critiques Phillips

Fetterman's take on the situation was unreservedly blunt. "What's sad is to have some guy with way too much money and he wants to piss it away and somehow help Trump at this point.

So, he has the right to do that, but he's just been humiliated again and again and again," Fetterman told Mediaite. Phillips is one of the wealthiest members of Congress and an heir to the family fortune that includes a distillery company.

Despite hinting at a challenge for the running seat, Phillips praised the effective presidency of Biden and called for younger leaders as well. The stance has brought criticism to Phillips, who was a wealthy congressman in part because of his former co-ownership of gelato company Talenti.

Fetterman, in his remarks, compared Phillips to the failed GOP candidates who took on former President Trump, calling them "irrelevant." Fetterman foresaw a redux of the last election scenario: Trump v Biden. Still, odds and all, Phillips rejigged last month his campaign strategy, rescinding the plan he'd had for months that he would drop out early in March if he had not garnered significant attention.

He now promises to stay in the race "as long as it takes" for a possible show-down with Trump – a vow reflecting his determination – even in the face of skepticism from party members like Fetterman.